Jun 21, 2020

A very mellow weekend

Friday began with some early morning kayakers.

Our family of ten which if memory serves me correctly originally was a family of eleven.

They were having so much fun in the weeds and doing a good deal of diving.

It was also chiropractor day in Vernon. It appears that many were planning to camp this weekend. A large class C on the left hauling a huge horse trailer ( Alberta plates ), in front of us a trailer and to the right another class C, both from BC.  Our park has only had maybe a dozen at the most of RVers here over the weekend. It is pretty quiet.

We had a sockeye salmon BBQ one evening. I lightly sautéed Swiss chard with kale and chopped onion and mushrooms.  A very tasty side that incorporated our garden veggies.

Our very first ever zucchini and it was a good weight @ .650 of a pound.  I don’t enjoy them as much when they are too big and almost flavourless. This was cooked on the BBQ mat along with the salmon.

Mamma and only six kids.  Sadly the family is decreasing in size. I believe that this is the family of nine ducklings that was born in our cedar hedge.

Today a good deal of time was spent by Colin weeding the garden and spraying our tomatoes that are now affected by ‘tomato blight’.  It is a result of cool wet weather. We do have one very slim pea pod but at least we do have a pea pod with many more to come 😀   We hope to save the tomatoes, the last two years we had so many and were eating them by now.  Looks like we will have a cucumber before tomatoes as the one I showed you in the last post has doubled in size and is about seven inches long.

Overall it was a good weekend in that we both relaxed a good deal, Colin with his guitars and me reading a book and not blogging. The novel was light but thought provoking written by Jennifer Weiner, entitled “Mrs. Every-thing”. We finished watching the TV series ‘The Kominsky Method‘.  Starring Alan Arkin and Michael Douglas, very entertaining. Thank you to Jannose and Colin for recommending this series. We are open to other suggestions s to what to watch in the weeks to come, not only TV series but movies as well.

Today both cars and the golf cart got washed, the house siding cleaned ( so many spiders), and both the driveway and the patio power washed. Looking forward to a shrimp ( from Mazatlan) stir fry tonight.

In other news, Dallas was able to give out 130 food packages this past Friday on the Isla.  Between my donations, thanks to you my blog readers and to a few other donors we have enough funding to do yet another despensa next Friday. Likely the last one. Things are looking more positive in Mazatlan with more stores opening and if the Covid numbers go in the correct direction there is a good chance that the beaches will open July 1st.  Fingers crossed pleased. That will certainly help open up the Isla economy so that the Mexicans can earn pesos to feed their families.  Perfect timing as our funding is running out re distributing the food packets.

We have been munching on banana loaf and orange cranberry loaf for the past few nights.  How lucky are we to have a resident baker? Good thing I got these as Colin has been too busy to bake his now famous ( at least to us ) banana loaf.  Perhaps tomorrow.



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10 Responses to “A very mellow weekend”

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    We had sockeye on the grill this weekend as well, it was delicious! Isn’t it fun watching the ducklings grow up?

  2. Kathryn Tycho says:

    Glad to see the smile emoji on your post. The weather here is still rainy but the garden soldiers on. We had a wonderful vegetarian lasagna made by our daughter and family for Father’s Day. Love your wildlife pictures?

    • contessa says:

      Rain and more rain in ourforecast nut at least it is warm. Amazing how nature takes care of everything. I bet that lasagna was great.

  3. Jannose says:

    Our veggie garden is doing very well. A little behind yours though. We enjoyed a spinach salad for lunch. Glad you enjoyed The Kaminskey Method. We also enjoyed one called AfterLife.

    • contessa says:

      I did not grow spinach but next time. So much to eat in so little time 🙂 I will tell Colinabout After Life. Thanks.

  4. Maxx Trails says:

    Haha I love the Tobasco Hand Sanitizer! I have lots of tomatoes on my plants but now I need the sun to ripen them.

    • contessa says:

      Happy to give you a laugh. I really think that it would work for me. Even with my mask on I touch my face a bit. Hmm, well if you get tomatoes and I get cucumbers maybe we can trade. We do need to come and visit soon. Still waiting for weather.

  5. Croft Randle says:

    Brooks made fresh Sockeye on the grill for Father’s Day Dinner as well. Served with a large salad. Delicious!

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