Jun 18, 2020

From one extreme to the other

There were water-skiers yesterday. Often my photos are taken through our windows as by the time I go outside it is too late.

Here I sit at 7PM with all the windows open and it is 83F at my desk. It is 84F outside with not even a whiff of a breeze.  Just a few days ago I had a heater turned on behind my desk and we were using the fireplace in the morning and at night.

Just as the sun was setting yesterday.  You can still see a lot of white on top of the mountain.  We might be setting a new record for snow at this time of year.  Two flocks of geese arrived a few days ago and appear to have settled on our lake for now.

I know that our plants were so happy to see a bit of sun yesterday. One of our tomatoes to the left of the cucumber plant, then our Swiss chard pot and the carrot pot.

So happy to see this tiny cuke coming along considering the same plant as this one totally died in the garden. You can see how small the cucumber is by the size of its tendril wrapped around the thin metal of the tomato cage I used for support. I actually have four of these wee cukes on the plant thus far.  Who would have thought that the plant in the garden would die but not the one in the pot? I wish more of the yellow flowers would actually turn into a fruit. So many flowers but…….guess I am going to have to start hand pollinating.

This potted bean plant almost died because of all the rain. The ones in the garden have for the most part died because of insects. This plant was yellow two days ago and with just a bit of sunshine it is greening up.

Looks like we just might have some beans. First time we have grown beans.

Finally some pea flowers. A few of the other garden plots have pink pea flowers. I guess they are a different type. Can anyone suggest the best peas to grow? Would really appreciate it for next summer.

A couple here in the park would like to build a park home like ours and asked to visit ours. So many do want to see our home before they build theirs.

We were reluctant to have people in our home at this time but figured that we could manage it.  I asked them to use the hand sanitizer that I generously pumped onto their hands and explained that we would need to stay as far apart as we could.  It actually worked out just fine except for one thing.  I didn’t realize that the gentleman was so unsteady on his feet and he kept having to lean on or hang onto our various pieces of furniture in every area and room.  At about the thirty minute mark I suggested that we go sit outside to continue the conversation.  Colin placed the chairs far apart, more than it looks in the photo.  Once they left Colin went through the house with Clorox wipes wiping down the touched surfaces.  I did serve wine and beer but no snacks.

Dinner last night was special. We actually made our entire salad from romaine lettuce grown in our garden. Every bite of the lettuce was a burst of flavour.  You really don’t want to eat store bought romaine after growing your own. At the moment we only have the two plants in the garden.  Certainly more next summer.

Dinner included four items that we have grown. The green steamed kale is in the middle at the bottom of the plate. We grew the beets last summer and stored them here in our fridge over the winter.  This is the last of them.  New ones are growing.  Those tiny carrots came from both the garden and the pot here in our yard. I just had to pull some and try them.  Yummy.  Next at the top is our Caesar salad with our own romaine.  I can hardly wait for our own tomatoes. To the right is a mix of rice and quinoa and then the soy protein turkey cutlets and gravy made by Gardein.  A very pleasing and healthy meal.

I cringe when I see this at the doctors office.


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  1. Peter says:

    Finally here in the Cowichan Valley it has warmed up as well. Spent the day outside. Your gardening is a great success! Dinner looks excellent. We are now in week four of no new Covid cases on Vancouver Island. However, we are all still very careful. In the southern USA things are quite different…

  2. Nice that you were able to show your home and answer questions for neighbours.
    That meal looked extremely tasty.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the warmer weather.

    It’s about time.

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