Jun 15, 2020

Que pasa

Well what is happening?  Rain, more rain and even more rain and record breaking cool temperatures.  Personally we are managing just fine.  Especially if you count using your furnace every morning and having your fireplace on half the day, normal for mid June 😯  However our garden is literally drowning. We did get out for a wee walk this afternoon and saw that the only thing growing were the weeds.  We even have weeds growing in the bark mulch.  Actually we have one zucchini which is about four inches long.  The beans will need to be replanted for the third or is it fourth time?  The tomatoes are not looking good but may survive if we get sunshine and heat. The good news is that sun is in the forecast starting Wednesday. Mice have been eating strawberries in  some gardens but we have been spared thus far.  I picked three more today. In a word, yummy.

The golf cart left again a few days ago.  Since they did the repairs and replaced the batteries we have had a very strange sound on the back right.  Some fellows here told us that is was a wheel bearing axle problem.

It left on Thursday the 11th and we got a call the next day telling us that the repair was $0.00.  They said that the wheel had something in it that was loose and only needed to be tightened. Between us that told us that they ‘might’ have made an error when they did a full check of the golf cart ( on the insurance money ) and now rectified it.  We didn’t even have to pay the $55.00 pick up charge.

However there was an issue on delivery on the 13th. It was a different driver than the other 3 pick up/drop off times.  This guy just gunned it and as it came off the ramp I heard a noise from inside the house.  Yes the cart hit the pavement. Colin did a quick check in the cold/wet weather and all appeared normal but he will check it out when the weather is better. The other fellow knew that he had less than 1/2 inch clearance.

Today’s latest news article related to my post two days ago.  So now Americans are expected ( always have been!!! ) to spend 14 days in quarantine once they cross into Canada (at least in BC ), before continuing onto Alaska.

You can read the entire long article here. The article also addresses people choosing to sail from the the US through Canada to Alaska. All I can say is that things are becoming rather complicated.

Yup, dismal weather.

Colin saw a muskrat the other day and it is very very different from our beaver. It is much smaller and has a tail. Muskrat photo from the internet.  Good to know that we have both.

Our beaver has a much larger head.

Colin got it coming up from feeding on the weeds/grasses in the lake.

Taken last Thursday, the day the golf cart was picked up. A wee break in the weather.

Choose your activities wisely.

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10 Responses to “Que pasa”

  1. robert says:

    What happening in front of lenny lots look like Trump wall is being built

    • contessa says:

      Ha, ha! That is the new vinyl fence put up by the owners of our old site. They took the hedge down. Too much white for me. I would have n it in the tan colour like Ingers. It goes all the way along the back to The people on the other side. They plan to do it at the front as well. Yuck!

  2. Jim and Barb says:

    Love watching the antics and daily activities of the beavers. They can be destructive buggers though!

    • contessa says:

      Yes they can and because of them blocking the outlet of the flow of lake we were flooded in May of 2017.

  3. Some of those delivery people don’t think of using Caution.
    Nice to see the wildlife is still active in the lake.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the warmer weather.

    It’s about time.

  4. Kay says:

    Those COVID-19 articles … friends of mine who live in Alaska and left their RV at my place in December BEFORE the pandemic, flew down in May to get it. They live 3600+ miles from Phoenix. When they crossed into Canada, BP told them they had 24 hours to exit Canada. Little over 2400 or 2600 miles before they would reach the Alaska border. So, sleeping for 8 hours, gave them 16 hours to clear Canada. They had to make 156.25 miles in an hour and some roads are so bad they could not go more than 20MPH… I am wondering why they are letting Canadians cross over into the US and travel around on vacations!!! They pushed their RV as hard as they could, they made it but it nearly cost them their lives just from the stress alone… it’s just stupid and crazy. We are going up in numbers daily here, and I am praying the USA shuts down all traffic coming in and moving around by fall just to keep our numbers from reaching epic. I believe 2020 is a year for everyone to stay home, and isolate.

    • contessa says:

      Thanks for this report Kay. That just gives me more to rant about. So unfair that your friends had to go thru all of that. It all depends on who is working at the border. It seems that each agent has their own interpretation of the ‘rules’. As to Canadians in the US, they re allowed to fly into the US, another loophole. The ones you see driving around with Canadian plates could have been in the US all winter and have not chosen to come back to Canada or they could coming back from Mexico enroute to Canada and taking their time about it.

  5. Glad you got your golf cart back but seriously! You shouldn’t have to send it off twice then have them bang it up when it got back. I keep looking for license plates. Only a couple of Albertan ones here so far. I’d be happy to report any out of country license plates to the RCMP if I see them though. I fear for my kids in Alberta as some people there are acting like Trump supporters in the way they deal with the pandemic. My Aunt in Colorado tried to tell Mom the other day in summer the virus will go away. Mom, being the oldest, told her in no uncertain terms “then how do you explain the large number of cases in hot countries? ” She had no response lol. And she has COPD and almost died last year but I am not sure she is being careful at all. So glad in this case we live so far away

    • contessa says:

      We have quite a few people who live here year round that keep their Alberta plates. So far all of the RVers, the new campers here appear to be from BC. Good for you Mom, setting her sister straight. However it appears that things are changing quickly in Arizona, Texas and now even China. Round two ? Or perhaps people just letting their guard down too much.

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