Jun 14, 2020

Isla update

This was the 9th week that Dallas and Rocio have been giving out food packages to those in need on the Isla. This past Friday they only gave out 80 despenses for two reasons.  The first was that people from the Sinaloa government came to the Isla and gave out a large  number of cards from the Ley ( grocery ) store worth 350 pesos. There was no indication that this would be repeated. Certainly a better hand out than the 100 small despensas given by the city of Mazatlan a few weeks ago. The second reason is that the funds have run out.  There is just enough left to give a small number of despensas next Friday.

However, close to 1200 bags of food have been distributed over the last nine weeks.

Hopefully Sinaloa will allow things to open up again as everyone needs to get back to work. Sadly the beaches are still closed. However the numbers were going down and then they went up again for a few days. There has been a drop in new cases for the past two days now.  Everyone is supposed to be wearing a mask but not all do. When things were looking better people began to flock outside and apparently even a few musicians began to play outside which of course drew a crowd.  The Plazuela Machado was first roped off and now there is a plastic fence around to keep people out.

So many were involved in helping these folks on the Isla, from those who donated to those who helped put the packages together every week and helped hand them out.

Dallas and his wife Rocio have given so much of their time week after week, first by going to the bank several times per week to collect the money I and others send, then by ordering the food, collecting it and then sorting it and distributing it. They are selfless.

Disturbingly Covid-19 has reached the Isla. One person has recovered and a few others are sick. I don’t believe that anyone is in hospital. In case you have not heard, the hospitals are pretty much full in Mazatlan.  In fact ambulances are being turned away and can only return their patient back home where that person then dies.  I know someone who has had five neighbours pass away from this virus. Please everyone do what you can to stay safe and wear a mask to protect those around you.

Many are emailing back and forth and asking about traveling back this winter. Just this past week a statement by the Sinaloa government was made that it might be as late as October before they open up the state. No one knows what the future may bring. Hopefully we will be able to return in early November.  I know that the Isla and the Mazatlan economy needs us. More importantly Mexicans need to get back to work to support their families.

Posted by Dallas just this morning.

These wise words from Dr. Bonnie Henry, our Provincial Medical Health Officer, here in British Columbia, Canada, serves as a North Star for all of us right now, as we adapt to an ever-changing and fluid situation.

Stay kind out there, everyone. These are some strange times.

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  1. Mexico is being nailed just as I feared it would. I will email you

  2. Cindy says:

    Thanks for the update!

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