Jun 11, 2020

Days of yore

How I miss our international travel. After leaving nursing, I worked for Air Canada and I was able to travel the world here and there. Once we married, we traveled annually to Hawaii plus visits to Singapore, London, Malaysia, Antigua and India ( twice ). There were several trips within Canada and the USA. We’d been married ten years when dogs were added to our lives.  So twenty four years ago, once we first got Cloii and shortly thereafter Channel, international travel stopped. We were not the type of parents to leave our girls alone.  As most of you know, that is when we purchased our first RV. When we lost Carmeh and Caeli three years ago, we traveled to Venice about two months later for ten days. We needed to do something to change our thinking. It awoke our senses to traveling further distances and to exploring the world.

This wee one reminds me of our girls when they were mere puppies.


Two years ago we traveled through Italy, with time in Nice, Cannes, Monaco, ending with a special time in Barcelona.  We were gone for four weeks which seemed like an eternity.  Just this past year we spent six weeks visiting Greece, Spain, Marrakesh and Portugal.  We had plans for this year and years to come.  At this time travel for us has stopped. The pandemic might even affect our next winter in Mexico.  We have been traveling to Mexico every winter for nineteen years.  I can’t image not traveling there this winter. We certainly plan to, but it is not in our control.

We truly had hoped for a few more years flying over to Europe and beyond.  Have we been stopped from traveling?  Who knows?  Life as we know it has changed in so very many ways.  I yearn for just one or two or possibly three more years.

Our June 2020 calendar photo.  Snapshots of Cinque Terre, Florence, Pisa, Nice and Cannes.


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4 Responses to “Days of yore”

  1. Maxx Trails says:

    I sure travel as we used to know comes back soon!

  2. I feel the same way. Although in the mean time I have been watching House Hunters International (something I couldn’t do a month ago) to try and fill my travel void. Life without travel seems pretty bleak

    • contessa says:

      Bleak is an excellent word to describe the situation. I think I may have watched one or two episodes of that show but it only makes me want to move there, so best not to watch:)

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