Jun 09, 2020

New window installed

I ordered this window and a smaller one back in early September and it took forever to arrive. Granted they had to be made in the US and then shipped to Canada. The smaller one arrived and was installed shortly before we left for Mexico but not the larger one.  Once we got home in March and because of being in quarantine and then not wanting strangers in our home I waited before calling.  Well they called me first, last week.  So today was the day. It rained most of the morning and just before the install time the rain stopped 😆  It started again about twenty minutes after the window was installed.

Of course he had to come inside to cut out whatever was holding the window in place.  When he did the small window last October he made quite the mess.  So today I asked him to take his shoes off and to please not touch anything that did not need touching.  Grumble, grumble.  He made a point of touching the outdoor stair railing, the top of the railing and all around the patio door frame and all areas around the actual window which was to be expected.  Fortunately I kept an eye out and knew which areas to sanitize once he left.

Cutting the seal from the outside.

They very carefully slid the window out and down to the patio at an angle.

The new window. Only it turns out that they had two new windows.  More on that in a bit.

Almost ready to put it in.

So it fit and was nicely installed.  This is the first time however that I have been asked for window cleaner and paper towels to clean the ‘outside’ of the window. He did not do the inside. Even the fellow we used in Lake Havasu to fix rock chips on the RV windshield, cleaned the outside of the window with a commercial product. Actually even the guy who fixed our windshield crack in Tucson, back in November, cleaned the entire windshield with his own product.

The window was under warranty but for some reason two windows were delivered. I think perhaps because the first one took so long to come that the company ordered a second one.  We only needed the one as the other two still have their seals intact.  The windows are custom made for our home and the installer said that the extra window would be thrown away.  So we decided to keep it for now. Why not?  With our luck the seal on one of the other two might break before the year is out. We just squeaked in under the warranty so now we have an extra window on site hiding behind the shed. Because of its precise size we can’t sell it to anyone ( $300.00 ), but we just might need it one day.  You never know.

***Copy/paste including the spelling error 😎


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6 Responses to “New window installed”

  1. Gene Siesky says:

    Good idea to keep the extra window. I love your view.

    • contessa says:

      Thank you, we love our view as well. Certainly made it easier the past few months to have something to look at.

  2. When we had a window replaced under warranty they brought an extra as well – we just tucked it into our storage space where hopefully it won’t get broken. Glad you got your windows fixed. We ordered an umbrella cover for our new umbrella on March 15th coming from the US. It only showed up last week. I think things are being slowed at the border bigtime. I am very happy they are keeping the border closed for now though. Now if we can only fix Ontario and Quebec…..

    • contessa says:

      I agree,things are taking longer to be delivered since Covid-19 appeared. Mind you I did order the new golf cart cover from the US and it came within a week, that was in April. At the moment I do hope that they keep the border closed, especially after all the protests and close mingling of people.

  3. Maxx Trails says:

    Nice to finally have your new window in, and smart move to keep the other one especially if you have the room.

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