Jun 07, 2020

A visit to the library

Last week our BC public library system reopened. It is only open from 1 – 5 PM four days per week. I had some books on order and they are ready to pick up. I was notified via email as is usual. It is curb side pick up only and the new normal for now.  Each branch has its own system.

Step one is the book return area. Only one of the two slots is open. Apparently returned books will be put into quarantine for 72 hours before being put back into the system for check out.

#2 is to the right of the first photo. It contains information.

Basically giving updated information. We could only take out books for three weeks previously and that had been increased to four weeks.

You are asked to have your library card ready in your hand.

Between #1, where the fellow is dropping off  books and #2 and #3 are white lines and bright orange cones indicating where you are to stop and social distance if there is a line to pick up your books.

The double white line on the sidewalk is #3.

It took me a few moments to figure out what to do with my library card.  I thought that I needed to hold it up to be scanned.  Instead a librarian came to the window and had to manually write out the number on my card.  She then indicated that she would be back.

No parking, pedestrian pick up only.  That red bin on the upper left has a sign on it saying do not touch. I figured that the librarian would exit the library ( there is a door to the right of this photo ) and put the books on it.  I had read that the books would be placed in a paper bag.

I should have given Colin the camera at this point. The librarian did come out with a large paper bag that she actually handed to me rather than put on the red bin. I asked her if it would be better if next time I could bring a bag that she could just drop the books into as I thought it a huge waste to use a paper bag to hand over three books. She agreed that it would be more environmentally friendly but that this was how it was currently set up and not everyone would remember to bring a bag. Next time I go, I will be sure to indicate through the window at #3 that I have a bag fo her to drop the books into via pantomime. Hopefully that will work.

We then went for a drive in the area as there is new construction and road work happening.  Out of the corner of his eye Colin saw this tiny marmot and what we both thought was a large dog around the corner. Turns out is was both Mama and Papa and they are huge, each the size of our two dogs combined or even larger. We were both so surprised and by the time we had stopped they car they had disappeared.

The marmot family were living under this pile of apple boxes. You can’t see them but I can see three of the kids peeking out.

We followed Beaver Lake up for a bit and turned around to get a lovely view of our park and Duck Lake. It was a pleasant half hour out of our day.







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4 Responses to “A visit to the library”

  1. Interesting how the library is working. For now I will continue to use the little free library system of exchange, although our thrift stores are back open I am not up to it. Marmots! So cool!

  2. Interesting way your Libraries are operating. Our’s are remaining closed.
    Cute pictures of the Marmots.
    Like the Funnies.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  3. Judy says:

    Thanks for the glimpse of your surroundings and your day. Love the skunks. If only they would be guaranteed to point the right way.

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