Jun 05, 2020

Feeling sad right now

The tears and sobs are directly a result of a novel I just finished.  “Lily and the Octopus” written by Steven Rowley.  Lily is a dachshund which is why I picked up the book in the first place about two years ago.  For some unknown reason I waited until this week to read it. I recently mentioned that I have been thinking about the girls a great deal of late and even thinking about getting another or even two more. However if that were to happen, our traveling days, other than in the RV would be over.  I really would like a good two or three more years of travel first. It was difficult to get into the novel and I almost gave up but by the time I got to page fifty I was hooked.


I just finished reading it about an hour ago and my heart is broken all over again. I feel like we lost the girls only hours ago. I so enjoyed the relationship between Ted and his dog Lily no matter how odd it seemed at times and weird the story was. They certainly loved each other. I was dismayed at the description of the end of Lily’s life only because it was exactly what I went through with our girls. The final moments were heart wrenching. Unlike Ted, I had a good friend Grant there to help.  Colin had to leave midway as it was too much for him. The book has a sweet unexpected ending which made reading it worthwhile despite my constant tears.


So that is why I am feeling sad.  I had a good cry in Colin’s arms, he has no idea what the book is all about other than it is about a red doxie. Happy I read it – I think.  Not necessary recommending it. You will have to decide. Some of the description reads ” Love is an act of courage. This is a story about that special someone:  the one you trust, the one you can’t live without. Lily and the Octopus reminds us how it feels to love fiercely, how difficult it can be to let go, and how the fight for those we love is the greatest gift of all.”


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12 Responses to “Feeling sad right now”

  1. Sandie DIXON says:

    The tears are falling as I think of our Scooter and Rocky. I miss them so much and that stupid hole in my heart doesn’t want to heal. We still have Skitz but who knows for how much longer. And we will not be adding anymore doxies to our home. Which also breaks my heart. So my dear Contessa, my love and hugs go out to you as we once again mourn for our beautiful and loyal furbabies.

    • contessa says:

      Sorry Sandie, I didn’t mean to tug at your heart strings. Of course now I am shedding a few tears for your fur kids. I think of your Skitz often. All you can do is keep enjoying her everyday and keep creating new memories. Last night Colin told me that he really wants to have another doxie family before it is too late for us. Not sure that I am ready for that yet.

  2. Anyone who has ever had a pet will understand the meaning of such a book.
    We chose not to have any more pets even though our travels were in an RV.
    Be Safe.

    It’s about time.

    • contessa says:

      We all need to make choices that are right for us and at various times and for a great number of reasons.

  3. Sweet dogs, they wiggle their way into our hearts. I am not quite sure what I would do without Buddy right now, he has definitely kept Buddy and I sane through all this crap (pandemic and health included). Hugs

    • contessa says:

      I love how you said that “wiggle their way inter hearts”. Then they are always there, forever. All I can say is enjoy every moment of every day with Buddy.

  4. * I meant hubby and I sane lol

  5. Karen says:

    Oh goodness I’ve read that book and yes it brought tears to my eyes! Here’s a great book for you… A street cat named Bob. I think you may enjoy it.

    • contessa says:

      Interesting that you have read the book as well. I”m still to sad to read anything serious for a bit.

  6. Paul says:

    Great photos! You are great doggie parents!

    Any dog will be so happy to live in our home with you both!

    Take care, we are thinking of you.


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