May 31, 2020

More bird rescues plus more

Early Saturday we both saw what we at first thought was a fish flopping along the top of the water. Colin who has better eyes realized that it was a bird.  I realized that it was in distress.  We both ran out.

It was totally worn out. Colin tried to scoop it out of the water but it kept flopping away.

He finally picked it up with his hand. We think it was a swallow that either was a baby or had been attacked over the lake.

And placed it next to the hedge. Certainly looks like a baby to us.  Perhaps it took its first flight and fell into the lake. We took turns keeping and eye on it.  A male blackbird came along and tried to coax it out and away from the hedge, perhaps in order to kill it.

Eventually our rescue bird disappeared and we went for a walk and to check out our garden. I am cutting kale here before the big storm. You can see how large our two zucchini plants are getting in the bottom left. We also added some marigolds.  The peas to my left are growing nicely. We also sprayed for the flea beetle.

Colin saw some bird activity once we got back and went to check it out as it might have been our baby bird in distress.  Turns out we had a snake.

Our first two strawberries. Note the hole in the one on the right. It wasn’t until we got home that I noticed a pill bug within the berry.  The strawberries were delicious.

Colin played for a while and I continued as always to sit at my computer.  I really think I have become addicted to it.  He eventually had a nap and I heard a thump at the window. Turns out it was our second rescue of the day.

Oh my. A lovely cedar waxwing which we only fleetingly get to see. The base of the tail is exactly that colour. It was definitely stunned and sitting next to our hedge. I kept an eye on it and then a blackbird approached. The cedar waxwing panicked and flew into the house.  I jumped up and yelled at the blackbird. Of course I woke Colin up and he went out to check. It was now hiding under the BBQ table.

Colin went to the front ( lakeside, but we call that the front ) of the house and found a second cedar waxwing sitting stunned.  It must have hit a window as well.  It was much smaller that the first one.

Colin crawled under the house to bring out our dog pens in order to make a safe place for the birds to recover in. He caught the bird under the BBQ and got it into the pen but it flew out between the bars and out over the lake. I just want to say that we never have more than one or two birds hit the windows each year. If this becomes an issue we plan to place ribbons on the windows.

As Colin went to catch the second smaller one, it suddenly flew up ( good sign ) into our tree.  It sat there for the longest time before eventually flying away.  Of course we once again kept watch for other birds. Gosh who can be bored during this Covid stay at home time.  We have so much nature to capture our attention.

I had made a goulash in the crock pot for dinner and as I added a bit of cooked pasta I also put in a few cups of our home grown kale. It looked nice in the mix but it did not change the taste.  More good veggies for us.

We had thunderstorms from 9PM on and lots of rain overnight as was the forecast.  Fortunately  we did not get the hail nor the strong winds. But it certainly cooled down. It rained off and on all night and most of today. Our high was only 14c/57F, much lower than our normal temps.  I have only worn summer clothes three times since we got home. I can’t remember a May so cool.

The week ahead does not look promising. Such low highs each day, not to mention the night lows. Our garden needs heat to grow.

Once the rain slowed Colin decided to check why the one rain chain was blocked.

There was quite a bit of leaf debris within a few of the individual baskets.

He had to get some different tools to get it all out. I think that both the upper and lower roof need to have a screen of some sort covering the tube that connects from the eave to the rain chain on both levels. That will likely prevent any further debris blockage.  Another item to add to the to do list.

I would say that this was enough to cause the blockage.

A great sight at the end of today. They look so very tiny and new with all that yellow fluff.

So very glad that a good friend suggested that I end my day this way.

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12 Responses to “More bird rescues plus more”

  1. Jim and Barb says:

    Those Cedar Waxwings certainly are beautiful birds!

  2. We’ve also noticed much cooler temperatures then we are used to. It could be nature trying to get back the way it should be and all it took was a Two Month Isolation period to clear the air.
    The birds are probably attacking their own reflections in the windows or they saw the inside light and went for it.
    Your garden is coming along nicely.
    Like the RX.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  3. Sweet little birds, sometimes they aren’t very smart and need a helping hand. There are decals you can put on some of your windows (maybe the higher traffic ones) if you are interested. I see the BC SPCA has them, we sold them at our animal rescue shop which is now closed temporarily ( There are a few designs, my favorite design was the hummingbird). The only good thing about the cooler temperatures is that the fire risk isn’t as high this year, we have been getting rain every 4 days or so and everything is much greener. After several years of drought, this is a blessing for us – that and my plants are doing better for it. The cucumbers are starting to grow faster as well as the tomato plants thankfully. Damn pill bugs. I’ve managed 3 eaten strawberries and no pill bug damage although I see them all over the place.

    • contessa says:

      The window decals are lovely but with our windows being ceiling to floor in height it would take too many. If we need to I think I will just take a shiny ribbons used to detract birds and geese and tale a long piece in each window and the breeze will move it about. However it only happens a very few times each year. Good point re the fire danger being lower. As to the strawberries, the ones in the garden are much smaller so it will be awhile before we get anymore.

  4. Maxx Trails says:

    You did have a busy bird day and that picture of the new little gosslings is so cute 🙂

    • contessa says:

      That gosling shot was a quickie as they suddenly appeared and taken thru the window. I wish we had more of them. I like them when they are small but an increase in goose poop, we do not need.

  5. Karen says:

    What beautiful pictures of all your lovely creatures except the snakes I would be running.

    • contessa says:

      We are so happy to have so many creatures in our yard. Part to it is to be looking out and seeing them. I’m with you on the snakes.

  6. Judith says:

    A busy bird day indeed. I once had the privilege of rehabbing a cedar waxwing who had crashed into our window. (Under professional supervision – the rehabbing that is.) They are so beautiful up close…look like velvet. Glad yours made it away quickly enough. And your garden is looking wonderful.

    • contessa says:

      Oh wow that would have been amazing. What a very special project. Lucky you for being able to do that.

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