May 25, 2020

Que pasa

Well first of all I have been devastated as my blog would not come up at all on any of our Mac devices.  I finally checked in with my computer guru who said that the something was down.  However I have lost all of my info on the laptop which was my go to as my desktop can be slow at times. Fortunately as I was about to shut it down for tonight it came back up.  I will deal with the rest tomorrow.

We had a rainbow a few days back. I guess I need more luck than that.

Speaking of luck, the morning of my birthday I got my thumb stuck in these scissors.  They belonged to my parents and I rarely use them.  Eventually after running my hand under cold water I was able to free my thumb.

Have you ever tried to grow romaine lettuce from the stub of a head that you had in your fridge?

It was doing really well but I forgot to keep changing the water and the base of the plant rotted. I have since found out that I should have planted it into some soil.

We have had cold days and lots of rain and from the looks of things, lots of snow up there.

We have been using the furnace in the morning to take the chill off and the fireplace a few times during the all rain days.

These papers all pertain to the October trip that we are trying to get money back on or????

The problem in our garden is caused by the flea beetle. It comes from soil and likely came in the soil that the park ordered for the gardens for those who wanted it.

This is what those beetles did to our tomato plants and yes they ate all of our newly sprouted bean plants as well.

In other news the kale is almost ready to eat.

And our peas are up.

Saturday night I cooked up a penne Alfredo with canned salmon. Who would have thought of that? It was all Colin’s idea and based on a recipe he found.   Nice to be creative when we have so much extra time on our hands.

Yesterday morning we awoke to a wonderful day with lots of new snow up on the mountains.  As the day progressed the clouds came in and the rain started doing the night. We had rain 90% of the day today.

Not much we can do but take each day as it comes.  Definitely dinner time.  Hopefully I will be back tomorrow if the computer gods are willing.





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12 Responses to “Que pasa”

  1. Sandie DIXON says:

    I loved your post yesterday about wearing a mask. You are running the furnace and we are going to have three 111 days in a row with lows in the mid 80s.

    • contessa says:

      Each time we shut off the pilot light on the fireplace it gets cold :(. However I don’t want to have 111F, hang in there.

  2. Randy and Nancy says:

    thanks for shareing…….the flea beetle….never saw one before , but like us and the japanese bettle , it can do some damage and came from the soil
    think Randy sprayed with a homemade solution but dont remember what, and it seemed to work.

    • contessa says:

      We have started with mix of Dawn soap and water. Today when Colin refilled the bottle he added a few drops of olive oil.

  3. Linda and Russell says:


  4. You like many others put your thumb in the Finger Hole.
    You might have to use a poison to kill off those insects.
    Hopefully this will pass soon.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the solitude.

    It’s about time.

    • contessa says:

      How could you cut with those scissors using a finger in that hole? I will have to practice. I like to keep them as it was momento from when I packeting dup their home after they passed.

  5. Damn beetle – I’ve never seen that one but last year am sure I got aphids from soil in a plant I bought which infected all my other flowers (I used a solution of water and cinnamon on that and mostly won the battle) and definitely have had fruit flies come in on soil. We have a lot of bloody earwigs here that like to eat my flowers so that is an almost constant battle. Today we have sun, I hope the same for you as well as a computer that works!

    • contessa says:

      One of my best friends is in Texas and sheltering with her mom and they are fighting so many bugs that you and I are rock stars in comparison. We got rain and finally about 4PM a bit of sun. I see that our lovely forecast has taken a turn for the worst.

  6. greg says:

    So it turns out that scissor-hands movie wasn’t so absurd after all!!

    I just took the last of the pods off our peas today down here in Central Texas where The Wife turns the AC on in May and doesn’t turn it back off until October. . . Just as I wrote that some Christmas bells fell off a shelf out here in the (un-airconditioned) barn next to where I am standing at my computer desk. Probably a little premature and I’m risking long-term disappointment here but “come on no-air-conditioner weather!!” True, I spend most the day outside or in the barn year-round, but at least then I won’t have to listen to that infernal air-conditioner while trying to sleep.

    • contessa says:

      🙂 It will be at least a month before we get any pea pods, at the earliest. We can’t stand the A/C on at night either but sometime you just have to bite the bullet and endure. Hmm I have to think some on those Christmas Bells. There is definitely a message there but what?

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