May 21, 2020

In a bit of a funk

Yesterday was our second appointment with the chiropractor.  We both remained ‘out ‘ but that is to be expected after being rear ended November 2nd.  I am still not happy with her way of being safe but it is a bit of give and take. Hopefully we won’t have to go too many more times.  Yesterday started unsettled as she called and asked us to come in thirty minutes early which meant I had to stop what I was doing and get ready to leave within 15 minutes.

On they way back from Vernon, this RV came up beside us and almost pushed us off the road.  He just had to pass us, but while he was in our lane.

He was driving rather fast and had trouble staying in his lane. He did the same to another driver trying to pass him.

We both spent time over the past few days leaning some new technology and it came with a bit of a cost. I signed us up with Hulu over our VPN server but is still recognized that we were in Canada even though we set it to the USA.  Seems that they are now using GPS to pinpoint your location. So we ended up starting to watch the show we wanted to on Colin’s desktop.

The next day Colin did more research and with help of a techie friend he figured out a way to watch the show on our TV.  I think we spent maybe 4 hours one day and another 3 -4 hours a second day sorting it all out.  But now we both know something new.  However it cost close to $45.00CAD to sign up for Hulu. It cost a lot because we only have a Canadian credit card so we had to purchase a USD gift card to pay Hulu with, but even though I only wanted to use $12.00 for one month, they took the entire $25.00 card. Why did we have to pay $45.00CAD for a $25.00USD card??  And then we had to sign up with a different VPN company for one month.  Yes I spent even more hours on the phone trying to get some money back. I was not successful.  So about $60.00CAD was spent but had we gone to a movie it would have cost close to that plus we both learned a lot.

I almost missed the sunset last night but I managed to get this shot.

Our menu for last night.

Colin made salmon loaf for dinner. I had mentioned that we had several cans of salmon so he did some research.

He blended several recipes together and went to the parks herb garden ( open to everyone ) and got some chives, dill and parsley to add to the loaf.  He did it all himself other than me showing him how to beat an egg with a tiny whisk.  It was light and moist and very tasty.  We will be having it again.  It was wonderful having him plan the entire meal himself.  The only problem was that the BBQ would not turn on to cook the potatoes but we managed without the BBQ.

I pretty much spent all of today on the computer or the telephone.  I finally was able to book myself in to see a physio to get my knee checked out as well as to verify that my exercises are correct as well as call my ICBC contact re payments.  I had canceled our trip to Yellowstone on May 5th but I still have not received a refund.  The RV park says that they have refunded the amount.  Colin held on the phone for over an hour to talk to Visa while I was on another line making other calls.  I later called the RV park for the third time and I will have to try again tomorrow.  The insurance money for my knee surgery back in January has still not come through. They say that it is in the second review and I should hear next week, it not, please call again. Colin spent a fair bit of time researching a new BBQ.  We got the Weber 200 back in November of 2013, thanks to George.  It gave us a bit of trouble the past few years and I guess it is time for a new one.  Colin had purchased a new propane connector hose in March and the Weber only worked the one time with it so no choice but to purchase a new BBQ. How long do BBQ’s last?

Colins’ main issue today was dealing with some sort of extremely tiny, smaller than an aphid bug that is eating our garden.  Yesterday on our walk we were overjoyed to see our new bean plants coming up out of the soil and today they are gone and the tomatoes are dying because of the same bug.  My main issue was holding for hours to speak with the tour company and the airline that we have booked with for our trip this fall.  We have put a good deal of money into this trip and now have a deadline in a few weeks to put more money into the trip. Of course no one is giving back cash refunds, only credit for future travel. What to do?  So today was a fact finding mission and we have a week to decide what we want to do. The only thing I know is that we are not going this fall.

There is no way that I will spend all that money to sit in a plane wearing a mask the entire twenty two hours ( with connections ).  I have a hard enough time flying because I am claustrophobic.  Even grocery shopping and wearing a mask is a push for me.  Thirty minutes is my max.  So sitting on a plane that will no long serve beverages nor food is not my idea of a vacation.  Then there is now the issue of having to ask permission to use the toilets and being put in a queue.  I guess that will keep the flight attendants busy seeing as they are no anger serving meals.  The idea of doing the entire trip wearing a mask at meals, on a tour, in museums, etc just turns my stomach. Plus there is the factor of Covid – 19 hanging out there.  Meanwhile we have a good deal of money already invested into this trip that we will likely lose.  It is a gamble as to what we do next about this situation.

If this is the current picture of travel I am not sure that I want to go any more. So glad that we did what we did the past few years. The headlines today and all the discussion that wearing masks is to be the new normal for everything we do is somewhat depressing.  But what does the future hold?  If allowed to travel through the US into Mexico we will for certain do that.  We can easily keep our distance on the Isla, walk the beach and enjoy the vista from our site. Happy hours will be for only a few friends at a time.  Dining out not so much.  Yes I am in a funk.

Fortunately the baker lady made lemon poppyseed mini loaves today.



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18 Responses to “In a bit of a funk”

  1. SandyM says:

    Happy Birthday to you! Rainy days and the funk can get to you and we are having a rainy day but so far the funk has stayed away. May has been much easier then April was just because we “got out” for wellness appointments two days and it was a treat for both of us and we had good “numbers”; we are blessed. Your dinner look delicious and I wonder what Colin will cook for your birthday dinner? I hope there is ice cream and cake involved to celebrate your day.

  2. I too have a super hard time imagining what travel will be like. I am pretty sure we won’t be flying to Mexico in November for the same reason, that is a bloody long flight even at 6 hours from Calgary. My Stepson and his GF want to get married Fathers Day 2021. I can’t imagine flying to Ottawa yet it is a 46 hour road trip or at least 4 days there and 4 days back. All decisions will wait for now. Just taking it one day at a time here. I know today is your birthday, try and have the best one you can, I know your hubby will spoil you as you are truly a wonderful couple 🙂 Happy Birthday Contessa

    • contessa says:

      Gosh you do have a challenge in the year ahead. All you can do is take things month by month. Thanks so very much for the birthday wishes. Colin did come through for me 🙂

  3. Kelly Florence says:

    Happy Birthday Contessa.
    Some days are better than others that is for sure.
    I’ve been having some of those long phone waits as well. Just hope you don’t have to call Canada Post !!!

  4. Linda Sand says:

    Minnesota just cancelled our state fair for the week leading up to and including Labor Day. The last time it was cancelled was during the polio epidemic. New normal? Didn’t things go back to normal after that epidemic? I choose to hope.

    • contessa says:

      Most of the Canadian fairs and events have been cancelled well into September. I refuse to say that this is a new normal but certainly the next year is very unsettled.

  5. Brenda Lee Carrier says:

    Happy Birthday! Well I can totally see why your in a funk. I would be too with all the phone calls and hours of waiting with no replies or no refunds. Travel now is out and they are saying that the cost of airfare could be three times a much! You are so lucky you went when you did and you will always have your wonderful Isla. Hope you had/have a fantastic birthday and all the best. Tell Colin his meal looks very yummy.

  6. Jim and Barb says:

    Happy Birthday! What a pain sitting on hold so much trying to get money that is due to you! Barb canceled a flight to PA last month and we are still waiting for our money as well. We have a Weber Q and have had it for a couple of years. We replace the burner unit annually and it continues to work fine for us.

    • contessa says:

      Well good news that the US passed a new law a fern days ago that if an airline cancelled the flight that you should get a refund. However if you cancelled the flight that is a different scenario. Good luck. Going to look into that burner replacement.

  7. Randy and Nancy says:

    Hi you two again
    Hope you had a nice birthday
    been quite miserable here in SW Ontario….cool and rainy now, actually had snow in May
    but manageing to stay warm and dry
    I was talking to Randy about your garden plants being eaten at the heart….mostly your beans??
    we had a simular problem 1 year…….first the beans, then the cucumber flowers and eventually the squash flowers too
    it was the japanese beetle…….looks kinda like a lady bug but bigger
    made a homemade spray found on you tube or google , then had to resort to these traps we found in Canadian tire
    learnt it came from the manure we had put in garden the previous fall
    yes and we still havent heard a think from Air Canada for a refund or even a credit…..out over $1000 for that flight that was cancelled
    Aero mexico gave us a credit that has to be used before October 31st…..that could be useless
    calls are in…..emails as well but they are all too busy
    fingers crossed

    • contessa says:

      Thank you both for the BD wishes. I have been online and think it might be the Flea Beetle and it also requires the soap solution. Thanks for the heads up. FYI, new rule/law poses yesterday , Air Canada has to give you a voucher good for eternity.

  8. Linda Sand says:

    That driver needs someone to help him realize where he sits in his lane. He doesn’t realize how wide his RV is. I wonder how many trees he damages at campgrounds?

    • contessa says:

      The driver should know his boundaries. I have never ever in over 20 year had to tell Colin that he was over the line.

  9. Maxx Trails says:

    That salmon loaf looks yummy. Hubby was happy to help and says Colin is a quick learner 🙂 And a birdie told me birthday wishes are in order, I hope it was a good one!

    • contessa says:

      It was yummy and a great way to use up things in our pantry. Your hubby is amazing. thanks for the special BD wishes.

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