May 17, 2020

Mostly a damp and cool weekend

I think that is great as it will keep people from gathering in groups over this long weekend ( here in Canada ).  However we are keeping busy doing a bit of this and that.  One thing is that the garden does not need watering.  However as the weather has been cool for this time of year, our garden is growing slower than it should.  Tomato and cucumber plants that we purchased are not doing as well as those that we grew from seeds which is interesting.

I have been meaning to let those who are looking to purchase yeast to try Bulk Barn.  Thanks to blog reader and friend Karen for that tip.

A big whoops. The fellow cutting our grass Friday says that his blade dropped by three inches on its own.  Fortunately we were here and he came to the door. He said that he would continue as it would look funny otherwise.

In repair news, the Jeep is back and looks like new.  Fortunately insurance covered the $2100.00 bill.  The young girl who rear ended us in Vegas admitted to it being her fault so we were lucky there and did not have to pay any deductible. We did have minor issue in that the right turn signal did not work and we had to go back to the shop to get them to put in a new part.  They said it happens often that new parts don’t always work 😯  The only major thing left in the RV repair department is to replace the front windshield that cracked while were in Tucson last November.  We have finally been approved to have it replaced and again with no deductible but we have been waiting two weeks for someone to come from the glass shop to take the required photos for ICBC ( our provincial insurance company ) in order to get the final official stamp of approval.  Colin drove the RV to the glass shop in Vernon yesterday and the photos were taken.  So hopefully within in week we can get the windshield replaced.  Then once back home we can take off the liability insurance held with ICBC  ( and save us a few dollars ) and just continue with the storage insurance that we are paying for separately with Aviva, one of the few private insurance companies here in BC.  Who knows when we will be next traveling in the RV.

We said no as we did not want the entire lawn to have the scalped look. Hopefully the rain will help.

Because of Covid – 19 there are no longer any yard sales here in the park.  May was always the largest with great finds.  While in Vernon last Friday to see the chiropractor Colin stopped at Superstore.  It is huge compared to ours here in Kelowna. He had called in early in the morning and they were holding two packages of his favourite jumbo muffins at the bakery.  You can’t get them at the Kelowna store. I went in with him as I needed to do a bit of walking after seeing the chiro lady. So much space and very easy to do social distancing and very strict areas to line up for check out.  That is where I found two new patio lounge chairs. Ours were getting old looking because of the sun.  I purchased two new ones at $59.00 each. Once home I listed ours for sale at $20.00 each on the private park FB swap and shop page.  They were gone in five minutes.  Colin was cleaning out the shed and came up with a croquet set we bought years ago but never used.  Sold very quickly for $25.00  😀

Our old loungers.  The new ones are the same except more grey and black than brown and black.

In other news the lake was actually down 3/8ths of an inch this morning.  Great news as long as we don’t get too much rain.  One of our neighbours sandbagged their site yesterday.  They don’t live here full time so have not been aware that the lake rise is slowing down.

It is up to you to socialize or not.



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4 Responses to “Mostly a damp and cool weekend”

  1. That Lawnmower wheel height was due to someone storing the machine. The Blade doesn’t change only the deck. He could have made the adjustment and finished the rest.
    Glad things are starting to open up.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

    • contessa says:

      The fellow is a lawn cutter and he said that it just dropped. I have no idea what exactly happened.

  2. Interesting what you said about Superstore. I wonder if ours is the same. I haven’t been inside since the first week of March as have done pickup only there. Maybe next time I will try going in as my orders have been hit and miss lately and think it is due to the pickers missing items then not wanting to backtrack

    • contessa says:

      We did walk through the produce department and it was full of wonderful looking produce. I suggest that you give it a try.

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