May 15, 2020

Good comment & chiropractor appointment

Just saw this on Facebook.

I think that this is a fair statement. Getting back to serving the public wearing masks and gloves won’t be easy.

There is going to be a huge learning curve for all of us as things slowly start to open up.

Today we both went to see our local chiropractor.  We are both still suffering from being rear ended back in early November in Las Vegas.  We have waited until now to see someone and it was an okay experience.  Not perfect and I did not feel comfortable the entire time.  She did disinfect the table in front of Colin.  I waited in the car for my turn.  No need to clean that table between us.  Dr K wore a mask as we did but I was not comfortable laying on my stomach wearing a mask so had to take it off to breathe. Colin was happy with his treatment as I was but I was able to zone in on areas that should have been disinfected. I know I am being super careful but now have a list of things I would like changed before our next appointment which will be Wednesday.  More details next week and maybe some photos.


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8 Responses to “Good comment & chiropractor appointment”

  1. Since we were never exposed to something like this before we have paranoid about what should be done.
    Did you know that children raised on farms or ranches seldom suffer from Asthma because they are exposed to things children in the cities were not. Slight exposure will help to build your immunity.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

    • contessa says:

      I don’t agree, they have not yet proven that having had Covid – 19 gives someone immunity. Not a confirmed fact yet.

      • Kay says:

        For us, if we’re going to go out to eat, we have to do so before September. Because when the snowbirds come back, it is never fails – our flu cases and URI cases increase ten-fold. I’m just glad I no-longer am working in the hospital. I plan to stock up for winter this year, so I do not have to go to the grocery store as much. And, if I can find milk and cream home delivery, I’ll be signing up! COVID is too dangerous and some seniors in what they feel is good health, tend to ignore the protection recommendations and they could easily be carriers… infecting hundreds of people. Some don’t get it, those of us who know and understand how virus and bacteria spread… are the ones who GET IT. Continue to practice safety, and never be shy to ask for sanitizing.

        • contessa says:

          I am in total agreement with your comment. All we can do is look after ourselves to the best of our ability. Sounds like you have a good plan for the winter.

  2. I am sure they actually need suggestions, so easy to overlook things, especially from the client’s perspective. I am not going to be eating in restaurants for some time, am getting tired of cooking but the menu has been good and I am no longer blowing the food budgets. We got an email from our Chiro that he is opening next week. Neither of us need him right now but nice to know he is available for those who do or when we do.

    • contessa says:

      I am also getting tired of cooking but best be safe. We may splurge on my birthday next week and order take out from a restaurant we have used for take out in the past as well as eaten in.

  3. Dmarea says:

    I’m with you. Better to be overprotective. Better safe than sorry.

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