May 14, 2020

Sorry, just a wee post tonight

Between my morning computer reading, morning exercises, midday walk, garden watering and some afternoon desk work followed by more knee exercises I am at almost 9PM. I had lunch at my desk today and did not even read a paragraph in my book.

My planned blog was more of a rant against the grocery store we went to yesterday.  Yes, Save On Foods again.  They are close and I thought that we would try then again, I would rather drive 7 minutes than 25 minutes. There was was no security at the entrance.  Colin said that he was behind the deli counter chatting up an employee.  I found people were back to doing whatever such as blocking aisles.  One couple each had a buggy and were side by side discussing ingredients for a meal they were going to prepare. I could not get past and politely waited, finally I did an ahem and said that I could not pass so she moved over but left her buggy to block my way.  A store employee was stocking shelves just a few yards away and observed the entire episode but said not a word.  Actually the store has narrow aisles made even smaller with staff stocking shelves in at least four areas that I has to pass.  One even stepped almost face to face to tell me she liked my blouse 😯

Finally got to the cashier and I asked her if she had recently wiped down the conveyer belt.  She said, ‘oops’, I haven’t, I forgot.  She also did not clean her gloved hands.  She was new, I guess they are short staffed. When we went to leave we noticed that they no longer has a specified in nor a specified out. The entrance was becoming congested.

I am thinking of calling the store to complain.  They were so perfect mid April.  I believe that folks are relaxing their personal standards as things are starting to “open up”.

Meanwhile the lake only rose two inches from 8AM yesterday to 8 AM today.  I think we will be fine although the lake is still rising.

Our third step is covered and we still have a bit to go.  The top two steps are wet because of the waves earlier.

Is this the new normal???

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15 Responses to “Sorry, just a wee post tonight”

  1. Some people just don’t get it. If they don’t keep up with Social Distancing we’ll be locked up through the Summer.
    Glad the rising water levels has slowed down.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your exercises.

    It’s about time.

  2. Carol says:

    we ares till having our groceries delivered into our garage. I’ve discovered if we get an 8 a.m. delivery time we usually get everything we’ve ordered. So I set up the time a couple of days before and then have a couple of days to add to the order. Delivery driver wears mask and waits until Bill backs away from the table to bring in the bags.
    Thinking about seeing if I can order from either Michaels or Hobby Lobby. Making some more face masks today but would like thinner elastic.

    • contessa says:

      You are so very fortunate to be able to get home delivery. Unheard of here. Apparently in Mexico it is working very well. No charge for delivery, just a nice tip. We have some surgical face masks we got in Mazatlan before we left and just purchased two fabric ones from someone here in the park so we are good for a while.

  3. Yes, people are loosening up and that is not good. Do call the store or go on their social media account (facebook) and complain. Even if the local store doesn’t do something about it they are a chain that has a reputation to uphold.

  4. Shirley Whitelaw says:

    Yes call the store and complain. Tell them you will take your business elsewhere and post on their FB page.
    Our Save On in Tsawwassen is still doing well, but customers aren’t!

    • contessa says:

      Well some of those customers :). I’m sure you are the perfect shopper. I will call and complain.

  5. It seems some people totally ignore the whole Covid-19 thing and just carry on as always. Denial or stupidity maybe.
    Hopefully you are spared another flood. We sure had a wet spring so far and it looks like there is more rain to come in Southern Ontario. Funny picture of the overloaded car. For sure not in Canada 😉

    • contessa says:

      I read that in Georgia after three weeks of opening that the new case numbers are not declining. Looks good so far re the flooding. That car is something you might see in Mexico.

  6. susie leslie LaRose says:

    I also was in SOF yesterday, too many people and not keeping distancing while shopping. no arrows on floor which seem to help organize shoppers.. I did mention it to a manager.. Will be very busy this long week-end.. Staying home ..

    • contessa says:

      Good for you for bringing it up. One of my big concerns was thet staff stocking the shelves and their carts taking up so much space. Definitely good to spend the weekend at home. Stay safe.

  7. susie leslie LaRose says:

    Campbell River store!

  8. We have primarily used Walmart pickup for most everything with a few Publix runs for meats. But Publix has now cut back ‘old people’ hours, No one here seems to see arrows on the floor, so shopping should be back to ‘normal’ now. Ugh!

    • contessa says:

      “Shopping back to normal” is not a good thing. The thing is we have to be careful in speaking so someone in the store as they could blow up as we have read in the news. I guess the best thing is to contact the manager while in the store. Thanks for checking in.

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