May 03, 2020

Beautiful Sunday morning vista

We woke up to some fresh snow on the distant mountains.

It was a wet, windy and cool evening but so very beautiful this morning.

Thanks to those who left comments re planting my garden.  Guess what?  Tonight we have a forecast of 2C/36F with risk of frost so we did not plant anything. We did take a walk during some light rain showers this afternoon and the garden remains saturated.  Sadly Mr. Bean ( grown from a seed ) who we planted yesterday is not very happy today.  Too much wind perhaps.  We covered him with a small pail to protect him from the elements tonight.


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4 Responses to “Beautiful Sunday morning vista”

  1. Yeah, a few more weeks and it should be plenty warm (we have a low of 7-10 every night now). I did plant a bunch of flowers in my pots but am waiting on the tomatoes. They need to grow another inch or so first

    • contessa says:

      Yikes, we planted four large tomatoes today. Fingers crossed but the forecast looks good. We are going to have a great garden this year.

  2. It is that time of year where the weather dictates planting gardens.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your walks.

    It’s about time.

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