May 02, 2020

It was a garden day

I put this group of plants, tomatoes, two romaine and one cucumber outside for the first time.  They are on the front porch so that the glass railing will protect them from the wind off the lake. They came inside late this afternoon.

I just read this morning that one needs to harden tomato plants for a full seven days before planting them so that that don’t get sunburn or wind burn.  I ask all of you gardeners out there what do you do before transplanting your seedlings, especially the tomatoes?

This is the forecast from tomorrow on. So should I transplant my tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini tomorrow?  I know that the romaine will be oaky.  That was a last minute purchase by Colin this morning.

These are put on the back porch and they get a bit of a breeze.  We took a chance this afternoon and transplanted the bean plant in the larger green pot in the middle of the top row into the garden.  We also planted two rows of bean seeds in the garden today. These also are back inside for the night.

Four big pots ready to go outside based on what to do about the tomato plants.

The Swiss chard and carrots are doing great and likely ready to go outside.  We realize that we will need to keep most of these pots close to the house and out of the wind.

Colin spent most of the day in the garden. He started the day by going to the nursery where he got a half yard of mulch to lay on the ground between the beds to help keep the weeds down.  For twenty dollars they placed the exact amount of mulch in a pile where he had to half fill eleven garbage bags and then carry them to the car.  Fortunately we had one of those stands that you can slip a bag over to hold it open.  So he brought that and a shovel along.  I offered to go with him but he said that he was good on his own. So I stayed home and really did not get too much accomplished.  Just before I left for my walk I saw an ad come up on the park FB page offering ten free cement foot stepping stones. So I replied that I would be there shortly. I went to the garden to ask Colin to come with me to look at them.  He liked them so they were ours.  I figured that we would dig them out tomorrow and move them but Colin wanted to do it right away. Good thing as there was someone else waiting in the wings to get them if I did not want them. After my walk I stopped in the gardens to check in and Colin said he would be right home for lunch.  So I went home and had mine and then called him as he was still working.  So I offered to bring him some food and water and to meet him to at least plant the bean seeds ( which we had soaked overnight ) and the bean plant which we had started from a seed.

What a difference a day makes. Colin did lay landscape cloth down first which we had in the shed. The mulch looks great and we both really like the foot steps.  We have one in each of the three beds ( placed in the middle ) on the right and put two down along the middle path which gives me the height I need to step up into the bed. Not too many along the middle path as Colin is worried that I will trip. I can get up into the beds but I can’t get down on my own.  Something I will have to work on. The other five foot steps are placed between the beds.  Likely we will move them around over the next few weeks.

On the left in the foreground ( under the wire to try and stop the quail from dining ) is a row of tall carrots ( the ones in the pot in the house are short carrots) which are already coming up.  In the second box on the left and to the left are peas and under the chicken wire in the same bed on the right is kale which come up very quickly. At the far end in front of the white fencing are self supporting peas which are almost two inches high and to their left is the bed of beets. To the right of peas is the strawberry bed. There is also a row of short peas in one of the beds on the right. More veggies to be planted tomorrow – maybe 😉  Depends on the advice you give me 😎

All this talk of lightening the Covid-19 restrictions is worrying me. Each province has its own directives. Can you believe that here in BC the hairdressers and barbers have sent an online petition to ask the government to please not put them on the list to open to the public? They say that they will be unable to maintain social distancing in order to do their jobs and feel that it is not safe. Plus they don’t want to bring anything home to their families.  I don’t blame them.  As much as I need to get my hair done, I have wondered how this could be accomplished under the restrictions that are in place.  Today I saw so many people breaking the social distancing barriers, some having neighbors over but sitting very close together and others just standing in the street or the gardens to chat and standing almost shoulder to shoulder.  It is so easy to become involved in a conversation and forget about the pandemic for a few moments.  Everything seems and feels normal until you realize the current situation and you need to take a few steps back. The most upsetting to me is a very close neighbour who just got back a few days ago and is in mandatory quarantine. This afternoon we saw his ex girlfriends car in his driveway and from the sound of the music the party was on. So from here she will go grocery shopping or ??,  it does not matter.  Is he safe, is she safe or possibly passing the virus? This is happening everywhere. Please stay safe.





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10 Responses to “It was a garden day”

  1. Maxx Trails says:

    Your garden is looking so good, as are your patio pots of vegetables.

    It is so frustrating that your neighbour is putting all our lives at risk just for his fun!

  2. Looks like you’ll have quite a nice garden.
    As for the idiots that only think of themselves we can only hope they keep the germs they carry.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the Vegetables of your labour.

    It’s about time.

    • contessa says:

      Yes idiots is a good word. We are looking forward to warm weather and getting our garden to grow. I can hardly wait to taste my first tomato.

  3. Yes Covidiots are everywhere. Hubby and I (and one day Mom hopefully) will remain in our bubbles only socializing with each other. I will continue to wear my mask and so will hubby. We would rather be safe than sorry. We drove down to the beach yesterday and realized a park I thought was closed is open, that is where we walk on the sandbars with Buddy in the summer, I am so happy about that. That also means we can go kayaking from there, one of the only easy launch points. Other than business taking and no visiting/restaurant meals/travel our life will be the same as it usually is, nice and quiet. We are warning the kids though that it is unlikely we will see them this year. We don’t want them flying to us bringing the bug nor flying and catching the bug ourselves. Mexico in November is unlikely for us, would rather lose the money but not making any decisions until early October on that. Your garden is coming along nicely!! My 5 week old tomato plants are not nearly big enough to plant, it is likely I will just buy a couple this week so I can get some planted. I’ve got lots of empty pots so can plant them as they get big enough. I’ve only ever put plants out overnight in preparation for the weather but then I am not an expert. I think several days is a bit much.

    • contessa says:

      Good for you for remaining strong in doing the right thing for you and your family. How wonderful that you will be able to get out and kayak. Not sure that I can get in one with my knee.I guess I will give it another month or so and then give it a try. I put the tomatoes out again today in the wind and cooler temps for several hours. Hopefully tomorrow or the next day I will get them in the ground.

  4. Brenda Lee Carrier says:

    Your garden is amazing and I’m so jealous of your “footprints”, great score! As for planting tomatoes, personally I think it’s a little early still, if there doing well in the pots leave them for another week that way you can be sure they will be fine.
    I too am so upset about how people are disreguarding the rules of social distancing. I think they feel that it’s been 6 weeks now so everything is good. How inconsiderate they are, I have lost my job and can’t go back to work until we have a safer work place. All we can do is keep up our own safety and stay home as much as possible. I continue to read and love your blog. You and Collin stay safe and stay away from the idiots!

    • contessa says:

      Lovely to hear from you Brenda. I think that we might leave the tomatoes for at least 4 – 7 more days but some of them are getting really tall. So very sorry that you lost your job. We are unable to work either but at least we know that if and when things change we will have a job. Well as long as someone wants to hire us.

  5. Judith says:

    Your plants look so healthy, and what a great garden space. As to when to plant anything, I wouldn’t have a clue. I used to garden here in central Texas, a vastly different climate. I think of yours as fairly benign, so I was amused to read you’re having to guard against quail. Ha. At least there’s something. I am sure actually there are lots of pests, diseases, and varmints lying in wait to thwart your efforts. There always were for me, but it still worked out well enough, and wonderfully at times, to make it worth the effort.
    As for COVID, this state has just relaxed the rules a bit. We’ll see how the numbers are in a couple of weeks. I am not optimistic, but hope I am wrong….Thanks for your posts.

    • contessa says:

      Welcome to the comment section of my blog Judith. Thank you for joining us and I am happy to know that you are reading my posts. One of my good friends lives in Texas and is just starting a garden with her Mom. Suzanne is great blogger, she has such a unique style. She can be found at I sincerely hope that we all come out of this sooner than later but of course we need to remain safe.

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