May 01, 2020

The snow is melting and the lake is slowly rising

This Kingfisher dropped in this morning to say hola.  It was directly in front of Colin as he played but as I ever so carefully walked up to see it, he took off.  It landed not so far away and my zoom could pick it up.  Very special as we don’t see these very often.

Colin took the Jeep in today to Craftsman Collision to get the necessary bumper repairs done.  Most of you will recall that we were rear ended in Las Vegas back in November. You can read about that by clicking here. The repairs will be covered by ICBC, our insurance company and we will have no deductible. Fortunately they gave us a loaner car which we hope to not have to use. My car remains remains parked with storage insurance.  As Colin arrived they had a bottle of Lysol that they were spraying everywhere in the vehicle and then wiping down with a cloth.  Before Colin got in he used several of our Lysol wipes to go over the entire interior and the exterior door handles. We should have our car back by the end of next week. Meanwhile we never heard anything back today about the RV repairs, if the parts arrived and fit.

Colin got creative with the pillow decor this morning. We take turns making the bed and try to come up with different ways to place the pillows. This was a first.

I just love these colors. She looked so very peaceful out on the lake. Hopefully with my knee I might eventually be able to get into our canoe or my kayak.

It was a momentous day for me in that I increased my ankle weights to 3 lbs each for my leg exercises. I am doing them twice per day and doing about a 40 minute fast walk as well.  My steps are between  7 – 8 thousand on a daily basis.  Pretty good for me as I haven’t done much if anything since last October. I hope to increase the walking time bit by bit.

Those of you back east continue to enjoy low fuel prices. When we arrived late March the local price for gas was .899 and now overnight it has risen to 1.059.  Gosh we never even got to add cheap fuel to our tank as we were still full from filling up in the US.

We had a turtle ramp float land on our beach the other day after the high winds. I put it out on the park FB page that we had found one but no one has contacted us. Colin has always wanted one. Only thing is that the geese love to use it as well. That means lots of poop.

Colin saw the beaver today 😀  I hope to see it soon. It is always so special to see it.

The snow is melting and that means that the lake will rise but by how much? Will we be flooded yet again?  I certainly hope not. As you can see our river rock beach has been covered since we got back in March as had the first step. We plan to keep a sharp eye out.

I heard that toilet paper may become a precious commodity yet again.


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8 Responses to “The snow is melting and the lake is slowly rising”

  1. Cute picture of the Kingfisher. We do not have them here, or I haven’t seen them. Watched one in Port Isabel, Texas where it would return to the same tree branch day after day and stare into the water for long periods of time.
    Maybe you now get turtles to hang out at your waterfront.

    • contessa says:

      Yes this one was sitting on the rocks out front looking at the water. We always have had turtles but few ever come up on the beach. Apparently they like to use the floating ramps. Colin always wanted one. Looks like he might have one now.

  2. Barbara says:

    Glad you two are safe and well. I’ve been wondering how your friend Libby’s doing? Maybe you’ve said and I missed it, but I hope she’s safe and well, too, and back snug in her home. Wherever she is I hope she has good people helping her through this.

    • contessa says:

      Lovely to hear from you. Libby is in an assisted living facility in Edmonton and just starting to be able to communicate through her computer. It has been difficult for her with two broken arms to start using her computer again. Of course she is unable to have visitors at the moment because of the COVID situation.

  3. Hoping your Car and RV Repairs are done quickly.
    The owners of the Turtle Ramp might not be back in the park yet.
    Very Nice picture of the Kingfisher.
    Cute Jokes.
    Be Safe and Enjoy Spring.

    It’s about time.

    • contessa says:

      Good point re the turtle ramp. Most everyone who lives here full-time is here. There are several who have a second summer home here but anyone who is not full-time is being asked to not come at this time. Here in BC, the government is advocating non essential travel and to stay at home.

  4. I love the kingfishers but they are so shy. If you can catch them fishing that is super fun to watch as they dive bomb the fish from way high up to straight down. We are filling up today, but I am not sure the price here. Don’t need gas but likely it will just keep creeping up.

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