Apr 08, 2020

Neighbours Helping Neighbours

On March 17th our RV Park formed a group of volunteers to help the residents during these trying times.  Each street was assigned a captain who would be the contact person if you required help while you were self quarantining. They were willing to pick up medications, groceries and even prepare some meals to tide someone over who has just arrived and had no food.  Wonderful idea.  We were already prepared with enough food so we were fortunate to not require that type of help. We did ask our street captain to please pick us up a few grocery items the next time she went to Costco which was about ten days into our house arrest.  It was lovely to get some fresh romaine and lox.  We are so very grateful to Cindy for all she did to help us.

Colin taking things out of the shed such as patio furniture so that he could put his tools inside and other essentials.

Management shut down our park very quickly. All facilities such as pools, hot tubs, gym, woodworking shop, the craft room, the library, billiards, etc. were all shut down to protect everyone living here.  Even the office was closed and locked but the staff still went to work but on limited hours. If needed an appointment could be made to get into the office. A mini newsletter is being sent out every two days via email advising any new changes and reminding everyone to stay safe, self isolate and if needing to go out, to practice self distancing . They also encourage residents to call if someone ( snowbirds ) are not following the self isolation rules once they return or if the residents were not self distancing. Today security is going to be increased. “In this regard, the Resort will be increasing Security patrols to help monitor and remind people who do not comply with the Federal Government self-isolation and physical distancing laws, that they are putting themselves and the entire Resort community at risk.  Should anyone be aware of someone who should be self-isolating but is not, you can call Interior Health at 1-888-COVID19 (268-4319) for direction.  In addition, please call Holiday Park Security at 250-215-5239.”    I am very confident that had we gone for a walk during our 14 days period that we would have been reported.

Included in the bulletin are a few fun jokes.

Garbage set out to be picked up.

However we were not allowed to pick up our mail nor take our garbage out.  Mostly because of us infecting others touching things. So we had to contact our captain to pick up our garbage. We decided to keep our recycling separate and to take it out once our 14 days were over. The garbage would smell too much so we had to have it picked up. The lady who looked after our home while we were in Mexico offered to keep picking up our mail until we were out of quarantine.

Our block captain treated us one day to some home made carrot cake.  As you can see I am very diligently sanitizing the container while wearing gloves.  Can’t be too careful.

Lucky us.

The best that we had ever tasted.

Remember the fresh bread that was delivered to us last week.  That was from a couple that out of the goodness of their hearts were making bread for those who were in quarantine and those who were self isolating for a variety of reasons and not able to get out.  Very generous of them.

This was included in our park news bulletin today 🙂

Healthy meal last night. Quiche ( from Costco ), Caesar salad with fresh Costco tomatoes and romaine, rice and quinoa mix and a stir fry of  zucchini, carrot and onion. I was to add coleslaw but  the cabbage had turned bad.


Our last night in lock down was very relaxing.  We enjoyed our dinner while watching the movie Lion which is excellent.  Special thanks to Rae for the movie recommendation and this particular stir fry suggestion –  both given to me a few years ago.  I decided to save it for this special evening 🙂 We called it a Rae evening.

Thank you for this full moon shot last night Colin.


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14 Responses to “Neighbours Helping Neighbours”

  1. DAVID EVANS says:

    What a sweet view of the lake…..The last couple of days with sun and no wind have been sweet…
    Cabin fever has been on my back, but the grass and daffy-dills are popping up….The yellow flowers just seem so happy, at least in my mind..
    Hang in there….24 hrs a day with my kitty..Whew!..We are starting to understand each other’s musings..

    • contessa says:

      Yes, finally spring shut might be here to stay. I have yet to see a daffodil since we left Mexico. That is true sign of spring. So glad that you have this extra time to bond with kitty :). Thanks for checking in.

  2. Nice that so many people are willing to help their neighbours through this time of uncertainty.
    Cute Jokes. Nice Pictures.
    Be Safe and Enjoy your freedom.

    It’s about time.

  3. Both the shot of your home and the moon are incredible. So glad people are helping others there. Perhaps you will get a chance to help back soon. Good on the park to be so vigilant, there are many many stupid people out there.

    • contessa says:

      Thank you. We do love our home here as I keep mentioning. We could have moved to a house or a condo or wherever we wanted to but this is where we chose. It is perfect for our lifestyle with 24 hour security.

  4. Deb says:

    It’s fantastic that people are so helpful. Neighbours are often times more helpful than family due to proximity. Love the photos Contessa. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Maxx Trails says:

    That is a great shot of the moon!

  6. Linda Sand says:

    It’s a shame people have to be policed even when it comes to protecting one another.

    Rae is a wonderful friend. In case you haven’t noticed, she is blogging again.

  7. Dolores says:

    That movie “Lion” was a good show!! Very moving

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