Apr 07, 2020

Interesting day

It seems like we turned a corner today and we were in full work mode.  Not actual business work but day to day things that needed doing. I did more government research and work online, it always takes so long. But I got that completed 😀  While doing that I discovered that my drivers license is going to expire on May 22nd but of course the office is closed to the public so I left that to another day to follow up.  I can only handle so much government related work in one day 😳  That led to me discovering that my car which has been in storage since we left for Mexico needs to have the insurance redone as it expires Friday which is a holiday.  Fortunately I was able to pass that one off to Colin to handle.  It is now on storage insurance for another three months.  I have feeling that I won’t be insuring it to drive this year.  Where the heck would I go without Colin?  Plus we are going to be laying low for several more weeks.

It was a beautiful day. This is the first time since we moved here from Vancouver back in 2003 that I have seen so much snow up there. The world is changing in more ways than one.

Meanwhile Colin was talking to Freightliner and Fountain Tire about the RV and to the insurance company about the Jeep.  If you recall back in early November we were rear ended in Las Vegas. He was also checking on auto body shops.  I was surprised that all these places are open for business.  So over the next week he will make a plan on how we will get all these things done.  I had expected that we would have to wait until this pandemic is over.  I figure that as long as we are careful and sanitize the steering wheels, door handles, etc, we should be alright. Once the RV tires are done and the annual Freightliner maintenance is completed, then we can put it onto storage insurance.  Our travel plans to Yellowstone in June will have to be on hold for another year.

The week ahead looks promising.

I got a very unexpected but most welcome phone call from Dr. B, my vein doctor.  I took last year off from having my veins treated so that I could start this year in early April and my legs really need to be treated. In fact I am having some pain in certain areas. Complicated to explain but our medical system pays for 3/4 of each visit but you have to keep putting the first treatment of six back year after year to a later date. By waiting a year and resetting the clock I get about eight more years of being able to wear those heavy stockings after six treatments over three weeks in April.  I just can’t see myself wearing those stockings for a month in the heat from May on. However much to my surprise her clinic is closed because of Covid 19 so I sent them an email last week and I assume that is why she called. No one ever did call to tell me they were closed but I had called ahead which is how I found out.  Long story short we chatted for about 15 minutes.  She believes that the virus is going to mutate so that it will no longer harm humans as did the Sars virus years back.  She was very positive. I asked her how she was going to fit those of us who were cancelled into her booked a year ahead schedule?  She had not thought about it. Either way I am going to be stuck wearing stocking in May or even later.  So if my first treatment is May 28th, then next year my first treatment won’t be until May 29th. So I took a year off for nothing.  I guess that meant that I might have to take on the BC medical system to make an exception for me 😯  Or take another year off.  As I said, confusing for me to explain to you.  Anyway the good news is that she is considering putting those of us who were bumped because of the virus first when the clinic opens again. Dr B. mentioned that she could not figure out how Wickerland could be selling patio furniture while her clinic had to shut down. Certainly no logic there.

Just as the sun was setting tonight I noticed dozens of swallows flittering about.  They are suddenly back as is the warm weather.  Of course that means that the insects are back as well.  They were having a good feed at sunset.

Last night we decided to watch a movie. I often  fall asleep so we usually only watch one hour shows.  I did stay awake for this one even thought it wasn’t a great movie but it was interesting.

Similar to the world chaos we are living in at the moment.

You have to thank Colin for this photo as I was having a good soak in the tub last night when he took this.  I believe that winter has finally gone.


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  1. I don’t know any of the details but here is how to renew your license:
    Effective March 25, customers must call 1-800-950-1498 to:
    Renew an existing B.C. driver’s licence (BCDL)
    I got that off the ICBC website. Yes, I am thinking if this continues we will remove liability from one of our vehicles. Hubby likes to use both but I don’t see the need as we can’t go anywhere.

    • contessa says:

      Thank you so much for your research. I guess I don’t need a new photo – good news in that my hair was due to see my hairdresser yesterday. I really liked my last DL photo so hope that they will use that one. No sense insuring a car if you won’t be driving it.

  2. Nancy & Doug says:

    Lovely poem. It’s always so good to read positivity!

  3. Karen says:

    Good day to you ?If you are watching prime we just watched Judy about the life of Judy Garland I thought it was quite good watching,also rocket man about Elton John,just thought I’d pass that on

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