Apr 01, 2020


So very many changes for all of us.  I fear that we have no idea yet how great these changes will be nor how we will be affected for the rest of our lives.

We woke up Monday to new snow on the hills.  Today we woke up to -2C with a real feel of -8C/17.6F.

I really like the zoom on my camera. They say that tonight we will get down to a real feel of -11C/12F.  It has been a very chilly day today.  Certainly not what one would expect for April 1st.

We will never get tired of our view despite the many changes through the day. It cleared up after this and we had some lovely sunshine.

I am happy to say that all the laundry is done. It took 17 loads over four days to get it completed. I know, that is a lot of laundry but that included four sets of sheets and towels ( RV and home ) plus our clothes.  I did have to do it rather quickly as we have no extra space to put all the soiled laundry other than on the floor in various piles.

Cute earrings but I think I will pass on these.

I had made a reservation in February to travel to Edmonton mid May to see my chiropractor. Yesterday I received an email that they were closed indefinitely.  This is a part of an email I received today from WestJet saying that any flights booked prior to April 15th may be cancelled with no penalty and that the money wold be credited to my WestJet. At this point I am not sure when I will feel safe traveling on an airplane again.

Other than the day we arrived  we have not seen nor spoken to a neighbour.  Colin was out doing a few things in the yard and this lady paddled past and stopped to say hello.  She stayed quite far from our beach.  This may be the extent of our visits over the next several weeks.

While in Las Vegas we picked this up as we had no idea how things were going to go or if there would be anything left to buy in Canada. We kept getting messages that we needed to bring everything back that we might need.

So we will be able to get a start on our garden soon.  Beginning to think that we should also plant vegetables in our flower pots this year.  It appears that we won’t be traveling anywhere until the fall at the earliest so we might as well really get into gardening this year.

Yesterday there was a 6.5 earthquake near Boise, Idaho ( we drove thru there just last Tuesday ) and many here in the park could feel some shaking.  No idea what we were doing but neither of us felt anything nor noticed the swaying of our pendant lights but many others did from what I read on the parks Facebook page.  The only other change I can see happening is that the snowpack is 148% of what it normally is at this time of year.   Hopefully we won’t be flooded again.  One other thing, I will be writing about the generator, sooner or later.  I really am enjoying taking my time doing things right now.  No rush to do anything while we are still isolating.  Yesterday I started house walking to get 5000 steps in.  You do what you have to do.

We all have to be vigilant. You are responsible for protecting yourself as best you can.


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6 Responses to “Changes”

  1. One thing you might consider is having Raised Garden Bed as a way on stopping rabbits from eating the greens and ruining your crop. Tomatoes can be hung on a Trellis so they don’t use so much space.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the social distancing.

    It’s about time.

    • contessa says:

      We have never had a problem with rabbits here but we do have lots and lots of quail causing problems. I will looking into tomatoes and a trellis. Thanks for the tip.

  2. I think you are right about things never returning to the old normal. I love travel, it’s my thing but I have zero hope that we will be returning to Mexico in November. It isn’t just flying, it’s getting stuck anywhere other than home which feels like such a sanctuary right now. Son#1 is supposed to be getting married next summer….so glad they hadn’t planned it for this year now as I know of another wedding of a friend I used to work with that has been postponed indefinitely. The only bright spot there is her and her fiancee had bought a house and moved in together last week. If they can’t be married at least they can live like they are until all of this shit is over.

    • contessa says:

      So glad that son # 1 is flexible as things may not be back to normal, we have no idea. As to travel who knows, wee have a major trip planned for October but I did buy cancellation insurance that included coronavirus. Thank goodness.

  3. Maxx Trails says:

    That’s funny, I just posted that earring picture on my blog a few minutes ago. I sure wish it would warm up!

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