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Apr 30, 2020

Shopping is stressful and debilitating

The day started with the long drive ( well at least it was for me ) to Freightliner.  The driving itself was fine but the stop and go and slow down and speed up created some knee pain. The repeated small motions were aggravating. The next stop was to pick up the two cases of […]


Apr 29, 2020

I was forced to say no!

Long story short.  Colin left at 6:30AM this morning to take the RV in for new tires at Fountain Tire in Kelowna and then for its annual check at Freightliner in West Kelowna. He got there about 11:20AM.  He just called me at 6:00 PM, well in fact he has called me a few times […]


Apr 28, 2020

From seeds to plants and hopefully food

We had frost again last night.  At the moment I am growing zucchini ( 2 plants ), cucumber (3 inside ), tomatoes ( 10 plants inside ), carrots ( 1 large pot ), beans ( 1 large pot )  and Swiss chard ( 1 large pot ) inside my house.  So looking forward to moving […]


Apr 27, 2020


…I have to be quick with this post.  Colin has asked if we could have dinner by 8:30PM instead of 9PM or later. It is already 8:20 so I bet we won’t eat before nine. Did I mention that Colin started to wax the golf cart?  He is not bored but is enjoying doing things […]


Apr 26, 2020

I forgot to mention….

The company who repaired the golf cart and put in new batteries mentioned that it was apparent that a sledge hammer had been used to removed the batteries 😥 I also managed to find the same company from which we had first ordered our storage cover and with the exchange rate it come in at […]


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