Mar 24, 2020

Only 573 more miles to go

We were driving by 8:10 this morning. A cool 38F outside. Interesting clouds along the way. Nice to have a bit of sunshine in the morning.

Lots of snow between Ely and Jackpot. We dodged a bullet with our travel dates. The forecast for Wednesday and Thursday is 6 to 10 inches of snow along here.

I think this RV just stopped for a bit, he did not seem to be in distress. We did see lots of RVs today and many were from BC and a few from Alberta.  Back in Mexico last week when a BCer passed us they honked and waved. Today they just kept driving.

When we passed through Wells and later Twin Falls I turned on my ATT hot spot and downloaded the news and updates to read to Colin as we drove. So many things happening and so very very fast.  I am more than ready to get home. We made a quick stop in Wells for Colin to go in and pick up two coffees.  Loves had just put in a new counter in their beverage area and a server poured what you wanted and passed it to you.  This new area had just been competed a few days ago.  They are really trying to keep everything clean and protect their product from everyone’s  hands all over everything.

We got to Jackpot about 12:15PM.  Their sign says ” We miss you too”.

Sweet older Airstream trailer.

Nice view of the Snake River gorge just on the outskirts of Twin Falls. Today we drove through Nevada, Idaho and Oregon – just for a few miles.

As we drove west on I84 the weather changed. We did drive through some rain showers off and on.

Two things here. First that white Sandpiper 5th wheel on the left must have passed us at least five times today. We drove our steady 55 mph with only three stops the entire day and none more than 15 minutes.  He drove fast and stopped often.  I want you to notice the sign.  We saw this about four time today.  “It matters keep your distance !”  Referring to Covid – 19.

It kept changing and this message said ” Stop the spread Covid – 19 Pls stay home “.

We fuelled shorty before stopping for the day.  I screwed up by saying to take exit 29 when it should have been exit 28 where a Maverick station was selling diesel for 2.759 versus 2.999 at Flying J and other truck stops. We only lost about 15 minutes.  We saved $16.52 USD today, so with the $17.77 savings from yesterday we are ahead $34.29USD/$49.35CAD.  Enough to go out for a nice dinner once this self isolation ends in weeks or months 😯 We were only three miles from stopping for the night when a huge thunderstorm with blinding rain and extremely strong wind gusts came out of nowhere.

436.6 miles later we stopped at the Ontario, Oregon rest area ( exit 1 ) for the night at 5:15PM. The storm passed within an hour. Still not using the jacks nor slides.

I am tired. My knee is not happy with all this travel. This photo was from last night when I was finishing my exercises.  Despite being somewhat cramped I am still doing them once per day.  I should be doing them twice per day but that time is coming.

We really are more cozy than squeezed in.  Enough room to move and relax, eat, etc.

The bedroom slide comes in to the foot of the bed but still lots of room for sleeping.

Adios for tonight, time for exercises, dinner and showers.  It is already 8PM and we need to do this all over again tomorrow.





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4 Responses to “Only 573 more miles to go”

  1. Don & Kathy McKelvay says:

    Almost ‘home’. We have travelled every mile with you and enjoyed it – as usual. Especially given many of us have been hunkering down for several weeks following your trip gives us itchy feet but know any trips will likely be a few months off.

  2. Carol says:

    bet you will be glad to get home . please do not over do it trying to get settled in. everything keeps until it is done. I know I say that but didn’t do it and was exhausted for a couple of days. We unloaded but put RV in storage. Will bring it back in a week or so when it warms up to give it a good cleaning inside. What strange lives we are living now.

  3. So close now, glad you are nearing home. I think life is weird everywhere now, just have to take 1 day at a time. At least you have a mobile home to drive home with though. Home has never looked better, has it?

  4. Patrick A-51 says:

    Glad you two are getting close to home. Drive safe. This current situation is getting out of had. It’s really ridculess that you can’t buy a package of toilet paper, due to the hoarding and manufactured chaos thanks to the news media, riding this situation like a dead horse.
    Drive safe and try to enjoy your trip home.

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