Mar 20, 2020

We are now in Las Vegas

Thursday morning we left at 7:15 AM heading to Las Vegas. It was a cool 46F.  We had an appointment ( moved up a week ) to get our carpet and all upholstery cleaned at 1:30PM so we had to make tracks to get there in time.  About 7:55AM the phone rang and it was the carpet cleaner letting us known that he could not come.  Turns out that he had run out of supplies and his vendor was closed because of Covid-19.  He was in shock and had no idea what to do. Fortunately by reading the news we personally know the que pasa of what is happening in the world and locally.  So no carpet cleaning 😕

That gave us time to stop in Parker at Walmart so see what we could find.  We actually found few things on our list.  Some are more important than others but we are getting whatever we can and not being fussy at all.  We spent 90 minutes in the store and we even got eggs, first time we have seen them in a store.  They only had about 20 cartons left but we got one and a few frozen items that will help with our dinner meals.  There are no paper products to be found anywhere.  We have been told that it would be best if we could bring with us the food that we need for our two week self isolation as there is not much to be found in the grocery stores back home.

Yes we are wearing gloves in a store.  Actually we are only going to be in grocery stores and are self isolating the rest of the time.  Once we come out the gloves come off and we sanitize.  Back at the RV we put everything away and then sanitize yet again.  In addition to the eggs we got one large and one small container of sanitizer, the last two on the shelf.  We picked up ready made potato salad,  fresh coleslaw, a head of lettuce, some frozen and canned items.

We then headed across the road to Safeway where we picked up a few more frozen dinner meals.  Because we don’t eat meat, the veggie stuff is still there in the freezer, lucky us.

I am having a good deal of knee pain.  I think my knee does not like all the bouncing around in the RV even though we have airbags.  Also keeping it in one position is not good.  I do try and move it about.  Fortunately I can ice as we drive.  And I am still doing my exercises once per day.  Once I get back to Canada I will go back to twice per day.

Vegas is right up there in those dark rain clouds. A very cool 59 when we arrived at our RV park.  We were checked in in the driveway to the RV park.  They are stopping people from going into the office and doing everything as remotely as possible. If you need to go to the office only one person is allowed in at a time.  Fortunately all of our parcels had arrived  so we only needed to go in the one time.

Apparently Tres Amigos RV Park on the Isla is emptying out rather quickly.  There are only three RV’s left in the front row and two in the back row and those two are leaving very soon. When we left on the 15th there was only on other site open.   So much change and upheaval.  Even here in Vegas it is a new world what with the casinos and restaurants and bars all being closed.  So many out of work. We are in site #280 at the Las Vegas RV Resort and it is lovely with lots of space around us and a nice warm afternoon sun coming through the windows.  It was nice to only drive 229 miles in one day, a real treat for us.  Once set up we caught up on the lastest news and set about organizing ourselves for the next few days.  I am so looking forward to my 14 days of isolation.  What with taxes being delayed I won’t have to rush once I get back home.

Vegas was cool for us in early November and it still is. Now we have our lovely new heater to keep us warm.

Now here is a thought for those who are having to stay put at home.

Here is a link to something very very special and positive and totally a result of this Coronavirus situation.  I would love to be there to see this myself.


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14 Responses to “We are now in Las Vegas”

  1. rocmoc says:

    We also wear gloves when out. Be safe! ????
    rocmoc n Az

    • contessa says:

      Beginning to think we should add masks as well. We have been in isolation since March 15th when we left the Isla and we are bing ever so cautious.

  2. Sandie DIXON says:

    I went to the grocery store yesterday also. Just needed a few things like milk, bread, and eggs. Found everything we needed and some for fun – like double stuff oreos. But I wire gloves the whole time and washed my hands after putting everything away. Can’t imagine a shut down Vegas. That has to be eerie.

    • contessa says:

      So wonderful to hear from you my friend. Good to know that you have a good source of food supply. I imagine that once the panic subsides that we all will be able to purchase what we need. Vegas is eerie indeed.

  3. Colin Jarvis says:

    Will be in Yuma this PM. Then trecking North to Calgary

    Have you any info about crossing back into Canada regarding the border closing on Friday??



    • contessa says:

      Nice to hear from you Colin. The Mexico USA border crossing is a non issue at this time. Many have crossed through today from Mexico. However we did have friends who drove all the way from Mazatlan to San Carlos Friday to beat the closure. They had actually called the Nogales border crossing and were told the they would not be allowed to cross into the US even though they were Canadians. They called three times and on the last attempt they were told that it was up to the discretion of the border agent on duty at the time. However today there is no issue. Safe travels.

  4. Glad to see you are heading home! Yes, stock up as much as you can stateside as you CANNOT grocery shop here for two weeks! Those of us who stayed home this winter have been dropping off items at our friends doorstops or driveways! Good luck!

    • contessa says:

      Welcome to the comment section of my blog. Lovely to have you here. We are aware that we will not be able to shop once back in Canada. In fact we had an RV friend cross on Thursday and they were asked if they had 14 days worth of food on board. How lovely that you are able to help others. Hopefully once we are clear of our 14 days we will be able to be of help as well.

  5. I think you will find Canada has a lot more than you think in terms of groceries, they are being constantly replenished right now. Those people that cleaned meat out of the Save on foods in Kelowna have been shamed into donating $1000 to the food bank and they apologized for getting scared and stock piling. Everywhere that wasn’t delivering before is now, and all farm markets or food outlets have been deemed essential services. For now all the liquor stores and pot shops remain open as I am sure they are going to until/if there is a total lockdown. I have heard grocery delivery services are booking at least a week out, something to keep in mind to book a couple days before you get home.

    • contessa says:

      I know that you keep saying that Canada has a lot more in terms of groceries and the may be our in your area on the Island but it is not the case where we live in Lake Country and in Kelowna. Although I did read that someone scored toilet paper at Costco first thing this morning but it was gone within moments. Yes we had read about the meat scandal while we were still in Mazatlan. That was in the main store that we shop in which has its shelves cleared everyday. Good to know about pre booking re ordering groceries online. I think we will have our 14 days supply of food with us once we cross back into Canada.

  6. Paul says:

    You are very wise to be safe!

    You are medically aware and your practice to safety is an example to all of us!


  7. You are in good shape with food and a heat source to keep you warm. Are you going to have more work done on your RV? I was not up to date with all the news and did I miss the repairs on your generator? Wishing you a smooth return home and good health!

    • contessa says:

      We are done with RV repairs but just today the toilet started leaking again. Apparently we got a faulty valve on the repair that was done two days before we left the Isla. the generator story is coming but I’m sure you know what happened.

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