Mar 16, 2020

Back in the USA

Colin drove a straight 12 hours today with just a few stops to use the bathroom.  I played secretary and flight attendant.  I spent the drive either feeding us ( as we kept driving ) or on the phone and the computer.  I have managed to change several major things which will get us home faster.

We drove an unexpected 567 miles today as our second planned stop for the night was closed for remodelling.  The first was also canceled for other reasons.  I had no idea where else to go and it was still light out so we drove to Quartzsite, another long drive. Yesterday was 504 miles.  My bottom is sore from sitting and we have pretty nice driving chairs.  If you had asked me a few days ago if we would do this drive I would have said absolutely not.

Tomorrow I will go into details in a long post.  Crossing the US border was a gong show as all they cared about was how much alcohol I had, did I have any drugs from Mexico ( FYI we always only say that we are coming from San Carlos ) and did I have potatoes and tomatoes. Not one word about the coronavirus.  The only time this entire trip we were only boarded once and that was at the US border for an agriculture check.  The agent was wearing gloves but I asked him to please use my sanitizer on his gloves which he graciously did.  Then instead of touching anything he directed me as to what to open and move so he could see things.

So many changes happening by the minute in our world and even back home.  I feel like I am living in a bizarre movie.  I can’t get my head around that people in my hometown are going to a store and cleaning out the shelves everyday by noon.  One couple yesterday bought out the entire meat department.  Now they are saying that this will likely last until August.

We are here to have a part installed that we paid for in November but they did not have time to install.  Our install date was Friday and I begged to get in sooner and that will be Wednesday at 8:00AM.  I did have to use the “my government insists that we get back ASAP and I really need this part”.  At first I was told that Friday was the only day but he did change it.  That was one of my five major changes today.

I am officially exhausted and heading to bed now without dinner.  Hope to sleep longer that 4:30AM or 5:30AM, sure hope those long days are long gone.

You might want to check your medical travel insurance if you are still in Mexico.  I saw this today on a Facebook page.

We made it into Q just as the sun was setting. Staying in a lovely RV park with a $22.00 per nite Passport America fee.  The park is pretty much empty as all the Canadians have left and the rest are leaving tomorrow.

You might want to take two minutes to read this article written by a very savvy blogger Nina.  They were American full timers but moved permanently to France last year.  She has written a great article about the que pasa of the coronavirus situation.  The post is called

COVID-19 Needs Action -> Decide Where You Wanna Be, And Go There Now

Click on the title to read the article.



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8 Responses to “Back in the USA”

  1. Sandie DIXON says:

    So glad you were able to change the install date. I’m sure you’re both exhausted but I can totally understand your need to get home. It really is a different world out there.

  2. Glad you are one step closer to being home.
    Know how tiring long travel days can be and it will take time to recover from them.
    Nice your part will be changed early for you.
    Canadian Border Services will not stop you from entering Canada but will recommend a 14 Day Self Quarantine.
    Take today to relax.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time!

  3. So glad you are across the border. Other than toilet paper and sanitizer things in stores here are not being shelf cleared although I am not going to stores except 1 per week. We are staying home. Our clients are panicked and likely will cancel soon, most if not all. My dentist office was exposed to the virus at a dental convention (the week after I had the first appt) so are in quarantine so the other half of my root canal is up in the air, likely till april. I think I have a dental infection coming back so called my Dr to help with a prescription. They are now almost exclusively doing phone appointments so I have one set up this afternoon (great idea I think) and are only seeing people if absolutely necessary. What I don’t get is why they haven’t shut the schools in BC when Ontario and BC they have done so. Crazy crazy times but I feel so much better that you are in the States now, I was worried about you guys. Glad they moved your appointment up. Trudeau is asking people not to leave their house unless absolutely necessary. Most grocery stores have moved to 7-9am for seniors and those who are at risk which is a great idea (pretty sure they will reserve TP for them too. I know for sure Shoppers Drug Mart is doing this as got an email yesterday. Our local grocery store quality foods is doing it too. My advice is to try and stock up on food in the RV before you get to Canada or if not immediately after. Scary crazy times

  4. livingrichonthecheap says:

    Meant to say Alberta and Ontario schools have shut.

  5. Joanne says:

    We are Canadian snowbirds currently in Southern Arizona. Not all insurance companies are terminating cover. We use Manulife and after spending 3 hours waiting on the phone today he extended our cover while in the USA for an extra 3 weeks from April 1st. No mention of Coronovirus being excluded.

  6. Paul says:

    We are keeping a close eye out for you both!

    Please take care and thanks for sharing your article the the one below as well.


    We love you both so much. Please be safe.

  7. Ken says:

    Wow so dramatic as usual.. too funny

  8. Maxx Trails says:

    Glad you made it to Quartzite, good luck with your work there and safe travels the rest of the way home.

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