Mar 10, 2020

Beach walk

I am now up to walking 30 minutes twice per day.  However I think that I am at the stage where I can go further if I want to and as long as my body is happy.  My new and final program per Octavio is that I will need to do my exercises twice per day with three sets of reps.   For the rest of my life 🙄 He says that that will keep me in good shape, not just my knee.  I have been fortunate having him here to help me.

Just a few days ago we headed south down the beach.  This is zoomed in but for the first time in a year I was able to see the horses coming along the beach.

I was actually right there. Honestly both of us thought that I might never walk the beach again.

I am feeing much better emotionally and mentally.  I now see a future for myself.

I am so looking forward to next November when we arrive and that I can walk the beach as much as I want to.

As we walked this black dog came up behind me and surprised me by licking my hand. It wanted attention and lots of love which was more than obvious.  It kept pace with us and only walked so far ahead before stopping and turning to make sure that we were coming.  When we turned back it turned around as well.

We know not to make eye contact nor to get too involved unless we want to become responsible for this lovely dog.  As you all know we have been there and done that as the saying goes.  Finally the dog became side-tracked with another walker who had a dog on a leash.  A few days later we saw him sitting between two guys who were feeding it and giving it lot of pets and love. Not to mention a zillion selfies. They were all so very happy.  However I do wonder where ” Blackie ” spent the night and so on.  So many dogs on the beach 🙁 I haven’t seen him for two days now.  Hope that all is well.

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4 Responses to “Beach walk”

  1. SandyM says:

    Wonderful photos – so good to see you on the beach.

  2. So glad you are able to walk on the beach. It turns out your decision to have surgery in Mexico was a good one, hospitals are not the place to be in Canada right now.

  3. Linda Sand says:

    I’m glad you are finally healing. You reminded me of when I got my disability rating of 15% permanent partial. I said, “Permanent as in forever, all the rest of my life?!” The reply was, “Yes, that’s what permanent means.” Now it rarely flares up but when it does I am reminded of “permanent.” Which makes me even more glad for the “partial.”

  4. Ok, not good news but I strongly recommend you make a run for the US border as things are getting so ugly in Canada and the USA. We can’t go to Mexico now because they are asking Canadians not to leave the country and every one who does needs to self isolate for 14 days after return. My fear is Trump will use the disease to close the Mexico USA border which means you could still fly home but your RV would be stuck there. Please consider trying to make it to the USA then home asap, I know you are nearing the end of your visit. Hugs.

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