Mar 08, 2020

Surprise visitors

Last Monday we were surprised when Carol and Gary walked into our site.  We have known them for all the years we have lived here on the Isla.  After living just down the road from the RV park for over seven years, about four or so years ago they moved back to Maine.  However they have pretty much come visit the Isla every year since and we have been fortunate to spend some time with them.  They are very special and unique individuals who over their lifetime have given to many in so very many ways.  We are honoured to be their friends.  We are so happy to have them now living here in Mexico full-time, however Cuernavaca is a bit of trip from here.  First by airplane to Mexico City and then a 90 minute bus ride to Cuernavaca.  We now have friends waiting for us to visit in Merida, Oaxaca and Cuernavaca as well as Lake Chapala area, Bucerias and of course Monterrey. So many places and so little time.

We spent a few hours visiting but they and us had to move on. Sadly we were too busy conversing and no photos  were taken.  It was decided that we would meet for a late lunch/early dinner on Wednesday.  So just a few days ago we met them at Victors restaurant here on the Isla.  They both said that in their opinion that Victors had the best food on the Isla.

Colin, myself, Carol, Gary and Pierre ( who has been coming every year to the Isla for 42 seasons to date ).

I have mentioned Carol & Gary over the years in my blog as well as Pierre.  He is the one who goes up and down the beach twice per day to collect garbage. Admirable to say the least.

We had a lovely visit, close to four hours of chatting and it was not enough time. Life seems to pass by in a nanosecond when we are with these folks.  Our conversation goes from one end of the spectrum to the other.

All of our meals were perfect, served at the same time and were all hot, which for Mexico is a great thing.  We all had either coconut shrimp or garlic shrimp and they are large and very tasty.  So much food and so very yummy.

One of the resident felines looking for a snack.  On the bottom right I have small bowl in my bag.  One of my purchases from a local vendor.

Colin wanted me to take a photo of he and his pals.

Then they wanted a photo with him 🙂

It was a wonderful visit but sadly they flew away the next day.  So glad that we took the time to enjoy our moments with Carol and Gary to the fullest.

The following photo has a very special meaning.  It was taken on the first night that Carol and Gary were here and were visiting at Pierre’s apartment.  Even more significant was that while they watching the sunset they were all on the phone speaking with Peter B from Dover-Foxcroft, Maine.  Peter has been coming to the Isla since 1973 or so ( ?46 years ).  Peter from Maine surprised me with a visit back in 2011.  I think he might be one of my longest blog readers.  Here is link to that visit. Carol and Gary are also mentioned in that blog. Interesting how way back then I had two blog readers from Maine who lived very close to each to other ( and knew each other ) but did not know that the other was reading my blog.  The Isla has a way of bringing its devotees/lovers together 😎

We all miss you Peter. Photo by Carol.

Memories are wonderful things.



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2 Responses to “Surprise visitors”

  1. Peter (from Maine) says:

    hey there!
    yes, i do still watch this blog, though i am quite a silent observer mostly. contessa, with the help of colin’s camera make me feel that i’m not completely missing out on the saga of the isla, even though i haven’t made it there recently. how great a surprise it is to see my old pals gary, carol…and pierre too? …and you guys all in one photo! (i hope you don’t mind me bootlegging those photos, do you?)

    safe travels to you two, and thanks for being there on the isla …it’s been a comfort for me!

    • contessa says:

      Lovely to hear from you Peter. It has not been good year for me physically. I promise you many more photos of your beloved ( and mine ) Isla staring next November. It was so great to get together for a few hours. Lovely that you were included in the conversation. You were here 46 years ago, we have been here 11 years, who knows what the future holds.

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