Mar 06, 2020

Another musical outing

We had the most spectacular sky this past Tuesday.

We were on our way into Mazatlan and I had hoped to catch more of the sky while on the lancha.  However the colors very quickly disappeared but we saw some interesting clouds.

Once again we found ourselves at La Bohemia to catch a new show. Here is Sarah Marie Young.  She is an award winning singer, songwriter and musician.  Marie and her husband have just returned from playing in Brazil the past month.

She played the first set and her husband, Guy King played the second set. He is an Israeli born blues and jazz guitarist and singer who now lives in Chicago, Illinois, United States.  They each have different styles.

In between sets we could not help but notice the fellow next to our table.  It actually was worse than this most of the time.  Colin was going to tell the young man, even show him how much was showing but in the end we decided to do nothing.

Sarah and Guy have a young daughter who will be turning three sometime in April. When one is on the stage the other is holding her and vice versa.  Sarah came back onstage holding their sleeping daughter for the final number, a duet that Guy had written.  The child was wearing baby ear protection noise cancelling headphones.  A lovely way to end the evening.

However as always we were happy to be heading back to tranquility.  The port certainly was busy with freighters that night.

Colin was supposed to leave Wednesday morning to attend the last half of the Culiacan International Guitar Festival.  However for a number of reasons, primarily because of me and my physio he stayed here.  There was also the matter of one of the main performers who is from Italy and was in one of the towns under quarantine so they sent another musician from Italy.  Colin had missed the key players on Monday and Tuesday ( he stayed back for this show at La Bohemia ) and decided that despite missing the music and seeing all his friends that it was wiser to stay here on the Isla this year.  Plus he really has been exposed to a great deal of other music this winter.

After all the Isla is a very special place as you can see from the following photo.  I can’t remember where I saw this but there really is a Benji’s Pizza here on the Isla 😎





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2 Responses to “Another musical outing”

  1. Glad you are having the chance to Enjoy the Isla right to the end of your stay.
    Wise to choose which events you see with the virus going around.
    Found out that Men are actually more susceptible then Women. Weird!
    Be Safe!

    It’s about time.

    • contessa says:

      It has been nice to get out since my surgery. I have been observing folks this past week, some don’t care at all about the virus yet others are being very cautious. It is up to us to protect ourselves.

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