Mar 05, 2020

RV update & Coronavirus

The RV tech Erik had left it up to us to find a new starter motor for the generator.  I did find one on and one of the RVers was in Los Angelos for a week and she will be flying back here tomorrow with the part.  We spent hours last Saturday trying to sort out what to do before we decided on that.  There was a part that we could get through O’Reillys but they would not accept our Canadian credit card nor would they accept a US Visa as it had a Canadian billing address.  But by having our friend drive to the store and prepay for the part it would have arrived today just hours before she flies back here tomorrow.  However that was way over$400.00USD for the same part.  I ordered the part on Saturday and it was delivered on Sunday 😛 Rather amazing.  Erik suggested that we get two parts because he was very worried that one of the start motors might not work. So we also ordered the part from and it arrived early Wednesday afternoon.  Erik now has that part and is working with it.  We are on standby as to what happens next re the generator.

Meanwhile we had Erik here last Sunday doing small repairs for six hours.  It should have taken less than half that time but one thing led to another and it seemed that almost every task needed to have extra things done to correct what we thought would be a simple fix.

I just did not want to go down and up the stairs again to simply take a photo so I took this one thru the window screen.  Here he is changing a water valve but he decided to fix the old part as it was brass versus plastic but then he need to do something else and then that led to him adapting the old part but the install did not work and so on.  It did get fixed eventually.

About two weeks ago I was sitting here at my computer while Colin was in the shower.  I heard a drip drip drip sound.  Turns out that the toilet peddle got stuck and simply overfilled the toilet bowl.  It covered the bathroom and kitchen floor and then because we aren’t quite level ( we knew that we had to go out again re the generator so did not make a huge effort to level  the last time ) it began to run down the steps to the outside.  Fortunately we had a stash of old towels that we used for the floor for my massages that were handy and I was able to sop up the wet.  But what a mess.  One cabinet in the bathroom has a carpet floor and we had to use a fan for four days to dry it out.

Erik ran out of time last Sunday but came back on Monday to check the toilet peddle. A very tight area to work in.  Turns out that we needed a new valve as the original one had a slow leak.  So he replaced the valve but it was very stiff and had to be used just so.

Not two hours later after Colin had used the toilet and was outside I once again heard a drip, drip, drip.  Thank goodness I wasn’t responsible for either flood.  Sorry but the camera was on the wrong setting or something but that tiny patch is more water.  We used all those towels yet again and the fan is still working to dry out that carpet.  Erik said that he would look for another spring to see if that will help.

Other than that spring that might be needed to be replaced, the RV repairs are complete.  Well other than the generator repair.  That is the big one.  Hopefully by the end of next week we will have it reinstalled and working.

Meanwhile these winter swans which we have yet to see in person have been hanging out on our lake.  Are they already heading north?

I was asked by a reader how Mazatlan was handling the Coronavirus based on that fact that we had an infected cruise ship passenger dock here.  That was back on February 17th and the gentleman passed away yesterday in California. At this point no one knows if he actually got off the Grand Princess while it was docked here.  At this point there is nothing being done publicly either at the airport or at the cruise ship terminal.  I read that the hotels have nothing in place in how to handle a situation if there is an infection.  Officially there are only five known cases of infection here in Mexico.  Personally we are no longer hugging nor shaking hands with anyone and are being very careful with our hand washing.  We went out the other night and used a lot of Sani wipes just in case.

This is an excellent link to a site with current data on the Coronavirus.  It is constantly being updated.

I discovered the following on a Facebook page very recently and because it is written by a physician who worked with a variety of coronaviruses  back in the 70’s and is written as advice to fellow doctors I find it rather logical and to the point and likely very truthful.  He truly believes that things will be worse by the end of March.  Please take time to read this.  Already hand sanitizer and masks are sold out in Mexico.  I can’t even order hand sanitizer on to pick up when we are in the US. We are all responsible for our own health so read this and act accordingly.





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6 Responses to “RV update & Coronavirus”

  1. I heard on a Zihua facebook chat group that the airport there is now doing a fever test (not internally, just touch your forehead) when you land. They say that isn’t really that effective. We have a good supply of antibacterial gels and wipes as had stocked up previously for hubby’s business travels. We are still going to Mexico as feel it is safer than travel in Canada even. Hubby has likely 2 business trips across Canada for after March. One day at a time and copious hand washing is all you can do. No point in panic buying. I haven’t seen that here yet. We have several cases in BC which is to be expected based on our large Asian population but none on the Island yet.

    • contessa says:

      One day at at time is all you can do with this virus situation. Things are changing daily. I think that you will be fine in Mexico, just stay away from huge crowds. We are even using wipes to wipe down our drink glasses once they have been delivered.

  2. Hope your repairs will be a thing of the past after these repairs.
    Thanks for the information about the Coronavirus. Never knew that it existed back in the 70’s. Also didn’t know about the Zinc Lozenges.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

  3. Linda Sand says:

    I had heard the face masks don’t protect you from a cough or sneeze but the idea they keep you from touching your own nose/mouth was a new idea to me. Thanks for sharing that. I wish I could do that but my chronic runny nose prohibits that. I go through a lot of Kleenex every day. I even keep two or three hankies in my pockets for when the Kleenex are not handy.

    I am not really doing anything differently since the usual flu kills more people than COVID-19. I won’t panic unless I start having breathing problems–that’s the main symptom that differentiates COVID-19 from anything else.

    • contessa says:

      I am also always touching my face, to blow my nose or scratch an itch, etc. We are mostly being more careful re the hand washing.

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