Mar 04, 2020

Carnaval date night

I have been taking photos but not having time to edit them hence not many posts of late.  I now have my photos edited right up to the last one I took today.  Looks like about six posts worth. Speaking of posts, I am still am not able to comment on most blog posts.  Hopefully one day soon someone will figure out the reason why.  I know that it is not just myself having this problem.

My recovery has been going well until this past Sunday when my knee became inflamed. So I stopped both walking and exercises and started with the ice and a mix of heat.  Octavio came yesterday Tuesday and sorted me out.  At the moment I am walking twice per day for 25 minutes and only doing the exercises including the weights once per day for now.  The walking is going well except for the bee sting I got on left foot last Sunday 😥

So last Monday, February 27th, we headed into town to see some Carnaval action and to walk around a bit.  If you look closely you will see the line up of people coming off the beach waiting to catch a lancha back to Mazatlan.  I was chilly because of the wind yet many were simply wearing their bathing suits.  Brrr…….

The usually areas around and lining the entrance to the Plazuela Machado were full of vendors. This shirt caught my eye, ‘EMOTIONALLY EXHAUSTED”.  I also love the colors of the one to the right. Those are not beads but the result of some sort of 3D printing.  I could have the term wrong….

We dined at Gaia from where we saw the Carnaval statue.  Despite the chill in the air, there were many people walking around.

We had a great table and were also able to enjoy a visit with friends Renee and Greg who were sitting just across from us with some of their friends.  Our appetizer was breaded zucchini bayonets served with dill and honey dressing.  Gaia always serves a basket full of warm breads accompanied with butter mixed with honey which is almost addicting.

We had barely begun to eat when a Banda group set up directly behind us and to my right.

It was a nine piece band from left to the extreme right.  All I can say is loud!

I ordered the panko & cilantro breaded shrimp served with a mango and ginger sauce. It was delicious.

Colin enjoyed a creamy shrimp risotto with parmesan cheese.

We certainly enjoyed our meal but conversation was left for the few moments between songs. Plus it was very breezy and cool.

And then the tubas doubled!

There were another two just around the corner.  It was getting  louder by the minute.

Somehow within five minutes another large 15 piece Banda group set up behind us next to the Italian restaurant. You can barely see the tuba in the centre of the photo.

It was time to order dessert because why not, it was a date night.  This is called Tibio de Chocolate, lava chocolate cake served with mint & chocolate sauce and ice cream.  At only 65 pesos/$4.40 CAD/$3.30USD  it is worth stopping at Gaia for a drink or coffee and dessert.

We were happy to hop into a warm Uber to travel to the embarcadero where we bundled up to catch the lancha back to the Isla.  I even had gloves on.



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13 Responses to “Carnaval date night”

  1. Rae says:

    OMG, Gaia Still has the shrimp risotto. I was enjoying it just over a year ago. Yum!

    What a lovely date night you guys had!

    • contessa says:

      It actually was a turn date night and we did enjoy it. I thought that you had the breaded shrimp that time we took you to Gaia?

  2. Me says:

    What’s with Colin’s hair??? Doesn’t look good at his age

    • contessa says:

      Well it is not my decision nor yours what he does with his hair. Actually many guys here have long tails. Colin won’t wear his in a pony tail. It has taken him a full year to grow his hair out and it is almost even. Once we get home he will decide what his next step is. Certainly not my decision. I like the European look on him.

  3. Dean says:

    What is the mood in Mazatlan given a Princess cruise ship there in mid-February with over 2000 passengers is now in quarantine, and one person from the cruise has died in CA? I’ve read the only one who should be wearing a mask is the person who is ill, and only one type of mask actually prevents spread of disease, yet everywhere people are wearing them of some sort. Yet I don’t see people there with them on. Surely with all the cruise ship passengers coming and going, not to mention the crowds from Carnaval, there are concerns? Has this been addressed locally?

    Meanwhile both shrimp dishes look delicious!

    • contessa says:

      No one here is panicking at all. But we are being cautious and careful with the hand washing. The fellow who just died in California was on a cruise ship that did dock here on February 17th but it has not been mentioned whether he got off here in Mazatlan or stayed onboard. As far as I know nothing is being done at this point to check folks getting off at the airport or off a cruise ship. Personally we are no longer hugging nor shaking hands and trying to keep a distance from others.

  4. Supper looks fabulous! Counting down the days until we leave for Zihua now!

    • contessa says:

      I have been reading your posts about your trip. We just had friends who live in California and own a condo in Zihuat visit last week on their way south. Looking forward to reading about your wonderful vacation.

  5. Kathryn Tycho says:

    The food looks yummy but the bandas are just killer. I noticed Colin’s hair and funny enough Eric has’nt had his cut since October. A couple of years ago he let it grow quite long. Mostly because he was too lazy to get it cut. I totally understand the struggles of posting as I have just finally caught up the posts that dated back to January and…most of the time is spent editing and uploading photos. A big job.

  6. SandyM says:

    Would have been a night to enjoy except for the music but did enjoy seeing all the photos. That dessert look delicious – could really go for one of those.

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