Feb 23, 2020

More beach activity

I am so very much enjoying my short walks on the beach.

Not sure if she is selling rides on the bike as well as the horse.

The weather is finally warming up and we are seeing more and more visitors on the beach.  Plus Carnaval officially started Thursday, the day these photos were taken.

A better view of our site.

We are used to hearing banda music from the restaurant to our left but on this particular Thursday afternoon we were hearing it on our right as well.  Someone built a large palapa last year and now we often have a variety of people stop there for the afternoon and even spend the night in a tent.  The two girls on the right in yellow and black were picnicking and the band stopped to play for them.  If you want to hear what banda sounds like click on the video,  It is only 30 seconds long – long enough 😎

Later in the afternoon Colin was invited to play for the guests of our neighbours. I was home doing my exercises.

We enjoyed a beautiful sunset that evening.

Friday morning brought me another new bloom. I love the colour.

This could be a cormorant, I am not certain.  We were concerned for a while as it just sat there for the longest time with its tail feathers open.  It had a hooked beak.  Finally an ATV going past very quickly and loudly frightened it off and it did fly away.

Another lovely sunset Friday. Lucky us.



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9 Responses to “More beach activity”

  1. Sandie DIXON says:

    You certainly have the world right outside your door. All kinds of beauty and entertainment.

  2. Kathryn Tycho says:

    We went to La puntilla for ladies lunch on Friday..restaurant music, carnival queen hopefuls were there being announced, then the terrible bands started, a dog tied at the front was barking and the babies were crying. It was so bad and loud it was actually funny! What a riot…I hate bandas!

  3. Lovely flowers and colours in your backyard. Hope your knee will heal quickly and the right exercise should help for sure. Hey, I would invite Collin anytime to play for us 😉

  4. Jannose says:

    Glad to see you are getting better and are able to get out and about!

  5. SandyM says:

    Love, love, love your hibiscus flowers – the colors are so clear and beautiful.

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