Feb 14, 2020

Wednesday was both colourful and eventful

We left about 8:45AM and once we were across the shipping channel we hired an Uber.  I had a 10 AM appointment.  We drove along the malecon and saw many of the new Carnaval statues.  This one represents the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador.

The Carnaval theme this year is Somos America – we are America, passion, joy and hope.  America refers to all the Americas.  This one is Chile.

This one is the Dominican Republic.

Our first stop was the very busy Gaby’s Beauty Salon where I got my roots coloured and highlights added.  Colin had breakfast by the ocean and then went and did some errands for us as he waited.

From there we Ubered back to the Plazuela Machado.  We were walking towards Gaia for a light lunch when we heard our names being called.  Mitch and his wife Jan were already there.  So we ate and visited for a bit before we headed off in different directions.  We had reservation for a 3PM  travel presentation on the Middle East at El Recreo.  Most interesting.

Shortly after 5PM we were sitting on the patio at La Bohemia. I am now trying mango margaritas, so far okay but better than the other.  We shared a shrimp Caesar salad as an appetizer.

Us as well as several RVers were there along with many other music lovers to enjoy Mitch Woods.

Longtime friend Carol and her husband Bill ( they had been RVers here 12 years ago, a year before we arrived ) came by to say hola. So nice to see them.  They are Canadians now living here full-time.

Mitch put on a spectacular performance.

Jan, Mitches wife, was sitting beside me. We have become good friends.

Colin and Mitch.

Howard and Colin.

A great finale.  Wonderful photo Colin.

It was a long but very special day.  Best of all I got permission from Octavio to take the day off from any exercises.




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10 Responses to “Wednesday was both colourful and eventful”

  1. A very fun night it looks like. The statues are so colorful and the lights!

  2. Deb says:

    Nothing says feeling better like a night out!!!

  3. Kathryn Tycho says:

    Your hair looks lovely!

  4. Linda Sand says:

    I’ve never understood why US citizens should think of ourselves as Americans as if the rest of the Americas don’t exist. We are only a small portion but we, apparently, have big egos. When traveling in Europe one time a tour guide referred to me as American then looked at my maple leaf earrings and said, “Unless you are Canadian.” What Canada is not part of North America?!!!

  5. Maxx Trails says:

    Your hair looks great, you are so lucky to have found someone who is able to do it properly.

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