Feb 13, 2020

More Monday Music

Once again we hosted a group of musicians this past Monday. A great time was had by all. Apparently I had such a wonderful time that I inflamed that same tendon behind my problem knee.  I was doing just fine or so I thought but it wasn’t until all was said and done that I went ouch!  I guess I stood too much.  I don’t think that I walked anymore than I usually do in a day but just to stand around is apparently an issue.

This is just the appetizers. We later refilled these same tables with the main part of the meal.  We were prepared for the largest gathering this year of about 35 people but we we did have a few cancellations.

That is Rob Lamonica on the left, a major driving force for blues and jazz here in Mazatlan, see below for some info on his talents; next to him is Tom who is instrumental in bringing in top notch musicians this winter. Next to him in the blue shirt is Mitch Woods, an American modern day boogie-woogie, jump blues and jazz pianist and singer. Since the early 1980s he has been touring and recording with his band, the Rocket 88s. Woods calls his music, “rock-a-boogie,” and with his backing band has retrospectively provided a 1940s and 1950s jump blues style.  Next is Henry, a Canadian now living in Kamloops.  See below re his bio. Next to me on the right is Rick Reed from the wold famous Paul Butterfield Blues Band/Canned Heat and more who is performing all winter here with Rob Lamonica.  Lots of very special talent.

I ( Rob Lamonica ) have been playing piano for over 35 years, professionally for 20. I play most styles, blues/rock/pop/jazz/etc. I have been involved with live music and bands for over 20 years. I’ve toured all across the US and part of Canada as well. In 2002, I was the CMA (Country Music Association) Instrumentalist of the Year, an international annual competition held outside Nashville. (yes, I play country, too, hehe!) Recently, I have spent the last 10 years playing in Mazatlan, Mexico. I play 7 nights a week in high season (winter, 6 months or so), up to ten shows a week playing for everything from Bed and Breakfast brunches to hosting jazz/rock jams with other professional players here. In the summers, I gig in Manitoba where I have great connections musically. I play there as well every night I’m available. I’ve also done alot of studio work, and have 13 albums I am currently recorded on in circulation, though many of those are my own music.

Henry Small’s performances have been reviewed as nothing less than stunning. His voice and his electric violin must be seen and heard to be believed. He is truly one of a kind and a legend in Canadian rock.

Henry’s career has spanned more than 40 years in the music industry and has enjoyed many successes including writing, recording and touring with the likes of John Entwistle of The Who, Burton Cummings of The Guess Who and, of course, his legendary tenure with Prism and his #1 hit single “Don’t Let Him Know” written by Bryan Adams from the album SMALL CHANGE that also earned him a gold record.

Adding to that, Henry has done soundtracks for movies, has made several national television concert appearances and continues to write, record and produce his own solo CD projects. Most recently he’s recorded two new tracks titled “How Gently You Roll” and “Big Woman Blues”

Tom and Mandy create these Monday afternoon events here on the Isla to give the musicians a chance to relax and sit and enjoy each others company.  Mandy always cooks shrimp, this time she added whole lobsters as well as lobster tails.

There I am standing yet again. I also served quite a bit of wine this time and just kept an eye on things on the food tables, replenishing ice at the drinks table, etc.

That is Howard on the left, another very talented Canadian musician. See below for the link to his bio. Rob in the middle and Mitch on the end who had just come back from a swim.

Click here to read about Howard who is a great sax player and has many other musical talents.

Thanks goodness for Darwin, a fellow RVer. He pitched in with everything from carrying chairs and tables and even his BBQ.  Thank you Darwin for helping to create such a special afternoon.

Yummy shrimp.

…and lobster.

Time to eat.

Because of my surgery and recovery time, I missed seeing Henry play. It was so very special to have him right here in our own yard. That is his lovely wife Tracy beside him.

We had a bit of music.  Sometimes we do and sometimes we don’t.  It depends on the musicians.

Rick and Colin.

We ended the afternoon with some magic performed by Steve, a friend of Mandy and Tom’s.

It was an excellent afternoon and so worth the effort to help put this together.  Octavio came by Tuesday morning and informed me that my pain was due to the tendon issue.  So I spent most of Tuesday resting and alternating heat and ice.  But Wednesday turned out to be another busy day for us.  Stay tuned…..






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  1. Rod and Sylvia says:

    Good Times. I certainly miss the seafood you always are enjoying.

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