Feb 11, 2020

Fun night on the town – for Colin

We continue to have mostly cloudy days with cooler temps.  This is one of those years that we get every now and then. The great part is that it cools down at night to around 55F, perfect sleeping weather.

Since I have started using the weights I have not felt as good with some twinges and a constant dull ache. Yesterday we had the new group of musicians over again ( photos next post ) and I overdid it in standing. We were a larger group of about thirty people.  I was very careful about not doing the stairs too much but just by standing and checking the food prep and table set ups and supervising this and that not to mention filling wine glasses etc., well I ended up standing more than I should have.  Today Octavio told me that I have once again inflamed the tendon behind my knee.  So no more weights for a few days.  Plus I am using a mix of ice and heat now.

We are committed to one more Monday afternoon and then we are done.  We did ask for and got some help for yesterday but I will need to relinquish control and sit back and do nothing for next Monday and ask for a bunch more help.  Colin told me that he would put me in a pen like we did with the dogs.  I can’t image being caged like that and not free to move.  Now I know how a dog feels in a pen or cage.

Outside the entrance.

Last Saturday Colin went to see the traveling hypnotist.  We both saw him about 8 or 10 years back.  A fun show but I was not up to climbing bleachers. Colin gathered up a few friends and off he went.  The performance  was under a big tent, the show has been here for almost two weeks.  It was scheduled to start at 8PM and in true  Mexican fashion did not start until almost 9:15PM.  Colin had left at 7:30PM and did not got back until just after midnight.

The first hour was slapstick comedy.  It did not matter that you could not understand Spanish. Just by the acting you got the gist of what was going on.  Colin said that it reminded him of Red Skelton. Good clean fun.

After a brief intermission the hypnotist came on.  Colin says it was the same guy that we saw years ago.  He also says the next year he is going to go see him twice. He treat Ismael and his wife to the show and they just loved it and laughed and laughed and laughed.

The fellow on the floor with his legs up is having a baby.

The hypnotist had roughly ten folks on the stage.  At one point he told them that they were Chinese and had them speak in that language. Hilarious. Then they had to eat a bowl of noodles 😛 .   Later some were asked to be a politician giving a speech.  A very fun evening for a mere 25 pesos/1.78 CAD/1.34USD each.


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6 Responses to “Fun night on the town – for Colin”

  1. Linda and Russell says:

    Sounds like fun. Was it at the Isla baseball field?
    I need to get up with you about the fireworks details.
    Take care and see you soon!

  2. That does look like fun, and so inexpensive!

  3. Paul says:

    We hope you feel much better real soon….

    We need you in good shape for when we come and see you!

    Thank you for the great blog… very entertaining as always!

    Hugs to you and Colin.


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