Feb 05, 2020

Big storm on Monday

It rained off and on Sunday night and we awoke to a caldron of an ocean.  So hard to capture the waves with a camera.

The waves were non stop and rather high at times.  The entire beach was pounded over and over and the flat sand became sculpted.  I can’t go check but it appears that there are mini dunes here and there.

We had moved many of our things under the palapa for safety from the rain.  However the winds were very strong, you can see my tablecloths being blown sideways.  The sand was flying everywhere.

Other than this brave soul walking the beach it was deserted all day. Rather sad as this was the Monday of a long weekend here in Mexico. The port was closed to small vessels and pangas. My massage was cancelled as Sophia was too frightened to come across – that is if the lanchas were even working.  I think that the Playa Sur Embarcadero may have been closed but according to Ismael the main one was operating. Fortunately there were no cruise ships scheduled on Monday.

RV2 lost some outdoor tent gazebos and here in RV1 two RV awnings had to be taken down before they ripped. Fortunately there were many hands to help battle the wind to get the job done.

We did not get as much rain as forecast which was a blessing but still enough to make puddles and a mess of things.  In Mazatlan the rain filled the streets very quickly to the point that some vehicles could not drive through.  That is a heron flying past.

Later in the afternoon a young woman showed up with her entourage.  She spoke to one of the RVers and said that she was one of the Carnaval Queens.  Not sure which one but she was too young to be the main Queen.

Interesting sunset thanks to the clouds.

Some of our palm fronds fell out because of the wind. We will have to get Lupe back.

You can see where we are missing our palmas.

Life is never dull around here.


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6 Responses to “Big storm on Monday”

  1. Senora Consuela,

    Looks TRE DRAMATIQUE!! And yet, everyone is walking around in their shirt sleeves….even the locals. It was not cold?

    What is the fee for a massage?

    It is FREEZING here in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

    • contessa says:

      It depends on your definition of cold. Us Canadians are a tough breed. We did keep our windows closed which is a rarity. OMG, I just looked up your temps, FREEZING is right. I pay 700pesos/49.00USD for a 90 minute massage.

  2. Deb says:

    That is some angry water out there. Hopefully it has since calmed and no damage was done. Hopefully your therapist is able to come again quickly to help in the healing process. Keep enjoying the views.

    • contessa says:

      By the next morning the ocean was back to normal but the beach had changed. I have to wait a full week as Sophia is booked well in advance but fortunately my physio guy came on Tuesday.

  3. It seems like lots of storms there this year, more than usual?

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