Feb 04, 2020

Fish on the beach to the Fish Market

Sunday was  dreary but we woke up to a busy beach.  I had noticed an ATV pulling a trailer with this large red container earlier.  Later we saw them stop out front and haul in an incredible catch.  Their net was full and they kept picking fish out of it for close to thirty minutes.  Pelicans in the water and frigates in the air.  If I could have I would have been right down by the water getting some close ups.

We had tickets for the first play reading of the season at El Recreo.  We both enjoyed ‘On a First Name Basis’ by Norm Foster.  A very fun play and I would go see it again in a full theatre production.

We came outside about 2 1/2 hours later to the start of the rain. This is the view from where we stopped for an early dinner at 5:30PM.

Our first visit to El Fish Market this winter.  We usually sit outside but due to the cold and wet we sat inside where we discovered that the Super Bowl was on.  We could have watched it back at the RV but it was fun glimpsing it on the large screen.  I asked if they still served those great margaritas and the waiter suggested I order a Cadillac margarita.  It was just acceptable but not worth 95 pesos when you could get a Pina colada or a lovely glass of wine for 55 pesos.  I haven’t given up yet on margaritas but I am getting close.

Lots of different burger choices here.

We had our usual shrimp fettuccine which was as delicious as ever and we have been having it for many years. Sadly the margarita as in most other places has gone downhill. The last two I had here that were perfect was with Suzanne a few years back after a Sunday symphony concert in January 2017.  I can still taste them.

In anticipation of a future event we stopped next door to check out the newly renovated Shrimp Bucket.  The words on the neon sign say ” Sorry We Are Open”.  A fun busy place.

It was a good day despite the rain and chill.  We took an Uber back to the Embarcadero. It was both warm and economical, 30 pesos ( 2.09 CAD/1.61 USD instead of 70 pesos or more.  The rain stopped as we got onto the lancha for the magical ride across the water to the Isla.  We were amazed to see five freighters loading/unloading at dock and when we got home we saw another two waiting for their turn.  So many changes here in Mazatlan in the last eleven years.

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  1. Dee Tillotson says:

    Contessa, I’ve been catching up on all your blogs since our return from the Caribbean. You are progressing so quickly in your return to normalcy after your knee surgery; in fact, for someone who is almost in total control of her therapy, you are well disciplined to do all of the work yourself. About ten years ago, my surgeon sent me to a gym with a therapist looking over my shoulder to make sure I was doing the exercises right to get my knee back in shape; I guess he didn’t trust me to do it right! Ha! (However, the therapist did put me on a lot of equipment which I didn’t have at home.) Since I live in close proximity to the beach, I also had a yearning to take beach walks; Beach was kind enough to dig a stable path through the heavy sand to the packed sand nearer to the Atlantic Ocean, and I slowly made my way down the path with a cane and a pair of old sandals which still had a good sole; you need that sole for foot support for a while. So proud you are coming along so quickly!!

    We have been on Regal Princess out of Fort Lauderdale for 14 days with a few days in Miami; I think you have ESP as I read your blog about Princess and it’s horn music; it was just as you said, but Disney competes with Princess in playing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.” Everything went fine except for a couple of earthquakes (epicenter in the Caribbean Sea situated among Miami, Havana, Grand Cayman Island, and Jamaica) 7.7 and 6.1. The only slight problem we had was returning to the ship anchored out from Georgetown, Grand Cayman; in late afternoon with beautiful sunshine weather, the sea was rough from the 6.1 aftershock, and when the tender pulled up to deck 4 of the ship to connect the gangway, members of the crew had a hard time keeping the gangway in place; I was holding on to everything (and everybody) I could just to make my way through the tender aisles to get myself to, on, and over the gangway into the ship. The captain called for a new safety rehearsal of the crew and shut down elevators after porting in Jamaica while we were on the ship; didn’t go ashore in Jamaica because the 7.7 quake had affected the north side of the island, and we didn’t want to be in the island mountains with aftershock tremors; we were ported on the south side of the island, so we were safe there.

    Just for your information, at present, the Diamond Princess is quarantined in Yokohama, Japan because of 10 people with the Coronavirus.

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