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Feb 23, 2020

More beach activity

I am so very much enjoying my short walks on the beach. We are used to hearing banda music from the restaurant to our left but on this particular Thursday afternoon we were hearing it on our right as well.  Someone built a large palapa last year and now we often have a variety of […]


Feb 22, 2020

Bed rest and beach walk

Fortunately Tuesday was my physiotherapy day.  I feared the worst as Octavio checked me out. He found that the twisting motion caused by my massage lady had inflamed a cross ligament behind my right knee.  He immediately applied TENS and later did an ultrasound treatment.  His orders were to sit with my leg extended for […]


Feb 21, 2020

Monday started off with a big ouch!

During my weekly massage on Monday morning, Sofia somehow grabbed and twisted my right knee too quickly as she was repositioning my leg.  I jumped two inches, screamed in pain and heard a very large crack and pop. Immediately I figured that I would be in for an MRI to check my knee the next […]


Feb 20, 2020

Sunday was another active day

I love theatre as much as Colin loves music.  I was involved in producing a few plays way back when, both in Edmonton and with the Banff school of Fine Arts.  Sadly by being here in Mazatlan for the winter I miss about ninety percent of the theatre products back home.  Here there is a […]


Feb 18, 2020

Saturday – part two

Both Friday and Saturday were Mardi Gras party nights at the Shrimp Bucket.  Tickets were 690MXN/49.30 CAD/37.10USD each and that included the cover charge, a meal and all the wine, beer or margaritas that you could drink plus dancing of course. We arrived about 70 minutes late because of the generator problems and our delay […]


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