Jan 20, 2020

Out and about

Now that I have some freedom, we have been out and about.  Both of theses activities were already on our social calendar, so it was wonderful to be able to participate.

Late Saturday afternoon we attended a birthday party.  Loved my first proper margarita of the season at Carmelitas. I think that it is that last place that I can get a good one.  Anyone have any suggestions for other locations?

Ferne threw herself a wonderful gala event.

Always fun spending time with a good friend.

Sunday noon found us at the Teatro Angela Peralta.  The theme of this mini symphony was “Mozart and his women through his private correspondence”.  His women referring to his mother sister and wife. This is Angelica Aragon, an actress, who read the letters written by Mozart. Her verbal delivery greatly contributed to the performance.  The corresponding music information was announced by the screen above the stage.

The pianist was Zlatina Valkova and she was excellent.  The soprano was Perla Azucena Orranntia Duran who is the voice professor at the Escuela de Musica of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa, a Mexican public university based in the city of Culiacán, Sinaloa, but with several campuses across the state.  Perla was magnificent. What a performance.

There were snippets of music with a violinist and the piano, as well as the piano and singer and then the piano and quartet. Here Maestro Gordon Campbell is playing the corno or French horn while the narrator is speaking out the actual words that Mozart had had written over the musical notes on this particular composition.  In this instance the words were funny as well as naughty meant for Mozart’s friend who played the corno.

The main floor was full as were the first and second and third  balconies, at least the front seats.  A wonderful turnout.  Mozart’s music was wonderfully presented in this format and well received by the audience.

Much applause and many bravas for the pianist, she was outstanding.  It was a magnificent performance.  Hannelore, you would have loved it.

“Among the works he composed in the Austrian capital was “The Marriage of Figaro.” Mozart, who died in 1791 at age 35, was buried in a pauper’s grave at Vienna’s St. Marx Cemetery, perpetuating the notion that he spent most of his life barely scraping by in dire financial straits.”  I would need to do further research but it appears that his letters to his wife were sold to a publisher many years after he passed.  I wonder if anyone today is getting royalties from his many musical works.

I must say again that it was an extremely special performance.  I did need to toast that with a ‘Cadillac’ margarita at Gaia.  To date, the best margarita of this season – not that I have had more than a handful since we arrived mid November! We did see our friends Kathy and Eric who were with others but missed seeing Jenny and Brad, so we decided to just enjoy a late lunch/early dinner together. I should have emailed you Brad, sorry.

Apparently Maestro Gordon Campbell and entourage were also lunching at Gaia. Gordon whom Colin has known for at least 14 years, stopped to say hola and get our feed back about the performance.  Colin used to fly to Culiacan from Acapulco ( where we wintered ) to the annual  International Guitar Festival.  Now we see him here as well as in Culiacan every March.

Much to my surprise, Angelica Aragon, that narrator, stopped to say hello.  She truly made the music come alive through her words.

Interesting fruit on this palm tree to our right as we dined.

I don’t think I have seen this before. Any thoughts Carol or Kathy or anyone else?

The way to get back to the Isla? Pay for your lancha ticket, walk down this ramp and onto one to the ferry boats called a lancha.  Some people call them a panga but a panga is actually a fisherman’s boat.  Note the Isla to the right.  So very relaxing to get on the boat and head home, no noise, no traffic ( other than the horses and the ATV’s ).  By the time you cross the shipping channel you feel revived.

The number of docked shrimp boats are getting larger by the week.  Hopefully we still be able to find shrimp at the market.




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  1. SandyM says:

    Oh, what a happy post and you and Colin look happy, too. Is Colin going for a ponytail or just too busy to get a hair cut? I rather like it. Have been having trouble posting – hopefully this get through

    • contessa says:

      Well he hasn’t cut his hair in a year now. Just waiting for it to all all grow out to the same length and then he will decide what he wants to do.

  2. Maxx Trails says:

    So glad you are feeling well enough to get out and attend such special events.

  3. Cindy says:

    Yahoo nice to see you both out and about and enjoying some events!

  4. Deb says:

    Easy to see you are feeling better. How wonderful to get out and about enjoying yourselves in fine fashion. Keep having fun!

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