Jan 12, 2020

We had to pass on the symphony

Today was a most special symphony performance.  Of the entire series this was the one I most wanted to attend.  But I just was not ready to go out yet.  Soon I hope.

This is what we missed. Fortunately I was able to re sell our tickets.

Three flowers on one hibiscus plant. Lovely.

I have begun walking the length of RV1 to get some exercise.  Not very far but after the first time I needed to go back home and nap.  Yesterday I did it twice and will do so again today.  Bit by bit.  I continue with my cryotherapy, only 23 more times to go!  Octavio, my physiotherapist  came for the second time Friday.  The plan is for him to come twice per week as long as I need him. I am doing my upper strength exercises three times per day, 10 reps each.  I know that in another week or so, once I see the doctor on the 17th that I will be starting the hard part of rebuilding my knee muscle, etc.

Last night I made us what I call a shrimp stir fry.  Lots of veggie chopping involved.

All veggies plus one of these packages of sauce. I got these at Superstore.

Once the veggies are done I add the sauce and the shrimp.  The trick is to not overcook the shrimp.

Dinner was beyond tasty. Fortunately we have enough left for a second meal.

Sadly the shrimp industry here in Mazatlan is on the decline.

These shrimp boats are waiting to come into port.

Sadly the shrimp industry is suffering.  It was difficult last season but has become much worse this year. Please take a moment to read this article. It explains the cost of taking a shrimper out and the difficulties that the fleet is experiencing this season. Very sadly only 10% of the fleet is still out attempting to catch shrimp. I wonder how much longer we will be able to get fresh shrimp here in Mazatlan.




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4 Responses to “We had to pass on the symphony”

  1. Kathryn Tycho says:

    Looked for you at the concert yesterday but thought you might not be up to it yet. It was good! Dinner looks yummy!

  2. I read the article on the shrimp fishing. It says production fell by 50% last year and this year was even worse. Wouldn’t that lead one to think the shrimp population is declining? They had to implement a two-week limit on fishing for dungeness crab off the coast of Northern California because of over-fishing. But this article….


    says the price of shrimp dropped 20%. And though they mention reduced production, they blame winemakers and hoarders!

    That article led to this one…


    The subtext in the rescue article is about the man who is now a billionaire due to tuna fishing and processing.

    But somewhere in all this I saw that the U.S. accused the Mexican fishermen of not using dolphin protective nets so they banned the importation of Mexican shrimp. I wonder if the billionaire is using dolphin-safe practices?

    Now sounds like the perfect time to buy that used fishing trawler you’ve always wanted.

    Here is something to help replace the missed concert…


    All The Best

    Wahnfried der Nomad

    • contessa says:

      Great comment and analysis of that article. I believe that soon we will no longer be able to get shrimp here in Mazatlan. Or what there is won’t be affordable. Love, love love that link to the Glass Duo. Stunning. Thank you for sharing that.

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