Jan 07, 2020

Christmas is officially over

Yesterday morning ( Monday ) I woke up with a popped stitch.

I vaguely recall rolling over in the night and feeling a twinge in my knee. There are two stitches on the left and there was only the one on the right side which is the one that came apart.  However looking at it now, blown up in the above photo, I see two other stitch holes to the left of the broken stitch.  Not sure what that is about.  It took a few hours to get in touch with my surgeon. Turns out that Monday was his 40th birthday and he was spending the day celebrating with his family but he did get back to me.  Meanwhile I had dressed and prepared to drive into Mazatlan to have another stitch done.  I was surprised when he said that it was okay to just leave it.  Happy to not have to drive into town I put a few steri strips over the incision and covered the area.

Yesterday afternoon I ventured outside with Colin to supervise taking Christmas down. In no time those large ornaments were put away as was the snowman.

After I rested we decided to put our inside ornaments away as well.  Colin took them down and put them on the table for me to place into the storage boxes.  He then took down the coloured lights which I already really miss. I meanwhile found Christmas placemats, hand towels, happy hour plates and napkins and all other things Christmas to go into those boxes. So that is it until next December. The RV feels naked.

The ants are very bad. It seems that everyday they choose a new plant to enjoy. Now they have gone too far and have begun to eat my palms.  Yesterday Ismael once again placed massive amounts of poison down on the far side of our wall near the ant nests that he could see.  Apparently ants have begun to eat plants in RV2 as well.  Ismael calls it a plague or a blight.

Meanwhile Mother Nature gifted us with a beautiful sunset.

I am very much enjoying all of your comments.  Normally I would reply to each one but at the moment I am conserving my energy.  I will make a point of answering any questions asked in a comment.  So be sure to check back for an answer if you asked a question.  I want to welcome long time reader Brenda Lee C… to the comment section of my blog.  How lovely of you to take the time to comment.  I can see that you are from BC, perhaps one day we can meet.  Also a special welcome to Micheal Herm…, nice to see you reading my blog and I did answer your question re pain medication.  Thank dear Fawzy, our very special Airbnb host from Marrakech, where we visited this past June, who has been commenting and sending emails to encourage me.  We will never forget you. I thank each one of you and truly appreciate you taking the time to make a comment.  It does mean a great deal to me.

Meanwhile the snow has really been falling back home. As you can see there is so much snow that they have no choice but to pile it under my “Don’t Pile Snow Here” sign.  I worry about the wonderful lady who is looking after our home and how she will get through all the snow. Special thanks to Cindy for this photo.  More snow is on the way.  Happy to here with my lovely tropical view, even if  I can’t walk on the beach.




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8 Responses to “Christmas is officially over”

  1. There’s been some terrible storms in the BC interior this past week. We haven’t seen any yet except on the mountain above the valley except the odd flake which melts as it hits the ground – but next week I see many snowflakes in our forecast. I think I will need to take in the hummingbird feeder every night likely. Holy ants, I didn’t know they would go after a palm tree. I got bit by several ants last year in Ixtapa. Saw some in Zihuatanejo but nothing out of the ordinary except a huge trail of leaf cutters climbing a hill when we were walking home one night. My house looks super bare too now that christmas is all put away. I think I might get out some white twinkle lights for the bedroom until the days are longer.

    • contessa says:

      I think that white twinkle lights would be a great idea. I like to call them fairy lights. I hope you don’t too much of a drastic weather change.

  2. Maxx Trails says:

    Our place felt out of sorts as well when we took all the decorations down this past Monday. Hopefully the ants don’t eat all of your plants!

  3. Linda Sabd says:

    Good to have steri strips on hand. Although my obsessive behavior means I tend to pick them off leaving scars. I doubt you have that problem. Heal well, dear friend.

  4. Brenda Lee Carrier says:

    Imagine my surprise when I saw you mention me in your blog. I live on Vancouver Island but would love to meet you and Colin sometime. I’m so pleased that your sugery went so well. The incision looks fantastic. Please remember to take it easy, it’s early days and you need to recover. Sending you love and healing thoughts and blast to the ants. Also a special thank you to Colin for looking after you so well, you are a treasure to all of us who read your wonderful blog!

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