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Jan 16, 2020

Adios Amigo

It was a very sad day yesterday, January 15th, when both RVers and bloggers lost George Yates of Our Awesome Travels. George was one of the very special guys, the one with a huge smile and a twinkle in his eye. He was always there be it in person or online to help however he […]


Jan 15, 2020

Musical interlude

It came to Colin’s attention late Sunday evening and again early Monday morning that Tom and Mandy from RV2 were looking for a site to host some international musicians who are currently playing here in Mazatlan.  Or course Colin offered our site.  Tom and Mandy did all the work, purchasing and preparing the food.  Colin […]


Jan 14, 2020

First happy hour

I was going stir crazy so invited a few friends over for my first happy since my surgery. If you enjoy music please take a moment to enjoy this exceptional 3 minute You Tube Video sent to me by blog reader Michael Herrmann.   I then listened to the next video of the Sugar Plum Fairy.  This […]


Jan 12, 2020

We had to pass on the symphony

Today was a most special symphony performance.  Of the entire series this was the one I most wanted to attend.  But I just was not ready to go out yet.  Soon I hope. I have begun walking the length of RV1 to get some exercise.  Not very far but after the first time I needed […]


Jan 10, 2020

I sat outside for a bit


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