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Feb 18, 2020

Saturday – part two

Both Friday and Saturday were Mardi Gras party nights at the Shrimp Bucket.  Tickets were 690MXN/49.30 CAD/37.10USD each and that included the cover charge, a meal and all the wine, beer or margaritas that you could drink plus dancing of course. We arrived about 70 minutes late because of the generator problems and our delay […]


Feb 16, 2020

Saturday was a long day

We were very pleased to find that when we arrived at the ‘shop’ that there was an open space for the RV and Erik had already set up the ramps.  We were up on them and parked by 9:58AM which we took as a good omen for how the day was going to proceed. However […]


Feb 15, 2020

A quiet Valentines Day

Colin waxed the roof and I did my rehab exercises and basically rested. Octavio came and said that my ligament ( I initially thought it was a tendon ) was less inflamed. I am to continue my exercises but without weights. Still no beach walking, maybe next week. My Valentines Day flowers.


Feb 14, 2020

Wednesday was both colourful and eventful

From there we Ubered back to the Plazuela Machado.  We were walking towards Gaia for a light lunch when we heard our names being called.  Mitch and his wife Jan were already there.  So we ate and visited for a bit before we headed off in different directions.  We had reservation for a 3PM  travel […]


Feb 13, 2020

More Monday Music

Once again we hosted a group of musicians this past Monday. A great time was had by all. Apparently I had such a wonderful time that I inflamed that same tendon behind my problem knee.  I was doing just fine or so I thought but it wasn’t until all was said and done that I […]


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