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Apr 05, 2020

Unexpected projects

Yesterday did not go as planned.  We, well mostly Colin, had to deal with the unexpected. I leave you with this very sobering thought.    


Apr 04, 2020

Winter in April

In the sunny Okanagan 😯  🙄  🙁


Apr 03, 2020

Busy day….

…doing not too much 😉  Thank you for all your comments and emails after yesterdays post.  I actually felt better this morning and I even slept better last night.  I like to think that by writing about how I felt it lifted my spirits somewhat.  Sometimes verbalizing your feelings makes a huge difference.  Way back […]


Apr 02, 2020


I see time floating over my head and ever so gently floating ahead of me, away from me. Since we left the Isla at 5:40AM on March 15th I have been going non stop.  We safely got into the US but we were pushing to get a few things done for the RV and had […]


Apr 01, 2020


So very many changes for all of us.  I fear that we have no idea yet how great these changes will be nor how we will be affected for the rest of our lives. Yesterday there was a 6.5 earthquake near Boise, Idaho ( we drove thru there just last Tuesday ) and many here […]


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