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Jul 04, 2020

Happy 4th of July

Thinking of all my Americans friends today.  Enjoy the day but please stay safe.


Jul 02, 2020

A lot of this and a bit of that

I think that next spring I will only plant 1/4 of a row of kale. I thought that just planting the 1/2 row this spring might not be enough but 1/4 is more than enough. I am giving some away every few days and we are eating it at least three to four times per […]


Jul 01, 2020

Happy Birthday Canada

It is an extremely wet Canada Day here in most of BC.  We did get out for a walk and of course got rained on but it was great to be out for a bit. Sadly even here at Holiday Park, Covid- 19 has reared its ugly head and management cancelled our annual July 1st […]


Jun 30, 2020

Not so fun stuff

I have been receiving sclerotherapy mostly for spider veins and a few varicose veins every April since 2009.  The sclerotherapy solution is injected directly into the veins and causes the veins to scar, forcing blood to reroute through healthier veins.  I took April 2019 off as we were going to be in Europe for six […]


Jun 28, 2020

Garden update

Colin was able to find two large tomato plants at Art Knapps to replace two in our garden.  A hefty $8.99 price per six inch pot but they are larger type tomatoes which we need.  There are still a few plants struggling and we just have to wait for enough sun and warm weather to […]


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