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Sep 22, 2020

Found a treasure and a few GRRRs

We spent a good part of the weekend moving things around and finding things as well as winter things. More on that in my next post. The following was posted in the business section to the online news I read. I read something similar in a US newsfeed.  Yesterday I asked Colin to stop at […]


Sep 17, 2020

A bit of this and that

Since my last post the smoke has remained but lifts somewhat at times.  Early mornings have not been so bad.  Today was the best in that we were able to go for a walk before Colin left for his photo shot late afternoon. I can’t remember the last time I walked, first because of my […]


Sep 13, 2020

Strange happenings & many changes

Google is controlling my computer.  It won’t let me make blog comments to other bloggers.  It is also is putting your comments into my junk file. These things have happened a few times over the past two years but they always rectify themselves – eventually 🙄  Even my mail inbox is giving me grief today. […]


Sep 10, 2020

Que pasa

We have been slowly getting over the shock of the fire. I don’t get out much but in the past few days I have seen the RCMP ( local police ) at the fire scene. The more I look at the building, the more I believe that the fire started upstairs at the restaurant. Now […]


Sep 07, 2020

Smoke and sirens woke us at 4:45AM this morning

We had no idea what was going on or even if the fire was in our park. While Colin took the golf cart to check it out I began making piles of necessities to evacuate with. It was warm last night and we slept with all the windows wide open. The smoke was blowing directly […]


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