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Jun 10, 2019

Marrakech, Morocco

Sad as it was to leave Seville, we had a new adventure ahead. We flew to Lisbon where we had a three hour layover which we enjoyed in the business class lounge.  With the new credit cards we got last year, between us, we get 12 lounge visits worldwide, annually . So even if we […]


Jun 09, 2019

Our second full day in Seville

Everything has been perfect here in Seville including the weather.  On our final full day we awoke to 61F/16C and that slowly changed to a glorious 90F/32C which was hot in the direct sun. However all the tall buildings provide shade so you can still walk around. Months ago I booked tickets to the Real […]


Jun 08, 2019

Our first full day in sunny Seville

In just a short period of time we have come to love Sevilla, even more than Barcelona. The city tugs at our heart strings, the architecture, the ease of walking everywhere, there is so much to see, there are walking paths and biking paths plus the fact that our Spanish is widely understood here and […]


Jun 07, 2019

Welcome to Seville

Or as they say here in Spain, Sevilla.  We still have another 15 full days before we arrive home.  It seems like this vacation just keeps going and going. We arrived at 12 noon exactly and had a bit of a hike with our luggage to get to the terminal.  We finally got to a […]


Jun 06, 2019

Two full days in Granada

Our first full day was spent at the Alhambra. You need to book your ticket as far in advance as you can and tickets go on sale exactly three months ahead of the date you want to visit. It was four in the afternoon in Mazatlan and midnight in Granada and I had both computers […]


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