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Mar 18, 2019

Work projects

We were supposed to have one of these sheds but as it got closer to our departure day and they were not ready we became concerned.  Colin did a  very rough square foot measurement  of what we had to store vs the new storage space.  We had about 400 extra sq ft.  That means that […]


Mar 17, 2019

I am back

Thanks for your good wishes.  I was  just very tired and actually I still am.  Having seriously sick friends, packing up and leaving the Isla are all very emotional and it has taken its toll on me.  I am no where near stopping blogging nor taking a break for more that a day here and […]


Mar 16, 2019

Life is not always easy

I have three wonderful people in my life who are undergoing major challenges this week.  Two of them do not have that 100% ending, the other is having issues  with her eye sight. We are doing last minute things including an extra trip back to Mazatlan. We are doing well re the packing. However I […]


Mar 14, 2019

It never gets old

You might say it was a day of lasts.  The last time we were going into Mazatlan to shop and all that that entailed.


Mar 13, 2019

Yesterday turned out to be a stunning day

We did not attend. I was extremely tired. In fact we were both in bed by 9:30PM and I slept until 7:30this morning.  I really needed that rest.    


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