Dec 27, 2019

No diagnosis yet

We arrived at the diagnostic imaging place Thursday morning, the day after Christmas.  Unfortunately the doctor who was supposed to be there was unable to come to work.  Eventually it was decided that I should have regular x-rays.  The good news I that my knee is in pretty good shape and no reason for the pain could be seen.

Rather than do the ultrasound which was suggested I said that we should just go for the MRI.  That is a special coil around my right knee and then I was moved into the machine.  I had to try it three times before I calmed down enough.  I am extremely claustrophobic and did not think that I would last 2o minutes, in the end I was inside for 28 minutes.

As you can see my head was left out.  They wanted me to put my arms inside and I would have been pinned into place. I could not do it and they agreed to let my arms stay out.  I was in up to my bent elbows but had 2 or 3 inches to move my arms about and that helped.  Colin said that he knew how stressed I was by how much I kept moving my hands.  He had to walk away a few times. It  truly was horrific for me and I was so very happy to get back home here.

All I was told is that there is a good deal of fluid in my knee.  That is all the white in the top left area.

So now we sit until Monday where we will be given a report about the MRI and we will be referred to a specialist and then we go from there.  I was told to go back to ice rather heat and to rest.

I rested and read all day today and iced every hour and listened to Christmas carols.

I can’t sit at my computer for long as my leg is dangling down.  Hopefully tomorrow I can figure out a way to get my belated Christmas posts written.  Likely it will be a brief version of the events.  I really want to get those blog posts done as it is our personal record of this Christmas season.  I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas day and will have special weekend.

For those of my readers who write a blog on Blogger, please know that I am reading your posts but because I have to sign out of Safari and re sign into Chrome, then find your blog ( because I don’t have bookmarks in Chrome ) it takes a lot of energy ( as in time sitting with leg dangling ) to write a comment.  If anyone can tell me how to get connect back to Google on Safari so that I can leave a comment it would be great appreciated.

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13 Responses to “No diagnosis yet”

  1. Don & Kathy McKelvay says:

    So very happy you decided on the MRI, but very surprised they let Colin take pictures including of the MRI image. We are pulling for you an trust you will be ‘dancing’ soon.

  2. George Yates says:

    nice that you got that far along and are sloppy making progress

  3. Glad you got your choice of xrays or MRI, although you hated it, it was probably the right way to go. So clearly shows so much fluid. Now to get some answers!

  4. Linda Sand says:

    Something changed a few days ago because while I can still read blogs on Safari, Google won’t let me comment. If you find out how to make it work, please let us all know.

  5. Hopefully the doctor will be able to figure out what is wrong with your leg from the picture of the MRI.
    Would you be able to go to all your favorite websites/blogs if you had them listed in your sidebar? That is how I go to the blogs I want to comment on in my blog. Just click them and when commenting I have to sign in, which is a Google Acct. Sign out when done. Maybe it works for you too.

    • contessa says:

      I do have my blogs listed but Safari will not let me connect to my Goggle account. I can only do that through Chrome. I have at least one hundred blogs listed in Safari and I have no way of transferring them all to Chrome. Besides I don’t want use Chrome but am only doing so until the glitch is sorted out.

  6. Sandy Schlom says:

    Have you downloaded the Google App? That’s how I get to my husband’s blog.

    • contessa says:

      Thank you for this suggestion Sandy and welcome to the comment section of the blog. I guess the Google App might work but not for me on either our desktop or laptop.

  7. Janna says:

    Do you have the Chrome app on your device. My iPad used to drive me crazy because I had to re-sign in to read anyone’s blogger based blog–every single time! I installed Chrome and it works just like on a laptop, you can bookmark your Blogger reading list or each individual blog. I’ve been struggling with a bad knee since late July–I’m anxious to see how your surgery helps.

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