Dec 11, 2019

Tuesday passed in a flash

I have to really think about what we did yesterday as I took only one photo all day.

We did a bit of gardening in the morning.  I had Colin plant some Portulaca/moss rose seeds for me. I can’t get down on my knees.  However I was able to bend from the waist and added some new kale and Swiss chard seeds to top up my pots.  I think that last rain we had killed some of the seeds and I had holes so simply did some filling in. I also did a bit of tidying of my hibiscus pots, just a few weeds and dead blossoms.

Later I stood in the kitchen preparing something for a potluck for the next day.  By the time I was done my knee was throbbing.  Standing is not good for me.  So I sat and read and iced.  I also had a lovely visit with one of the RVers who dropped by to see how I was doing.  Always lovely to sit out front and watch the ocean.

Suddenly Colin reminded me that we had to leave in a very short amount of time.

He had booked us a table to see Johnny O as this might be his only time playing here this winter.

We stayed for the first set and enjoyed the music and dinner. About 15 minutes into the second set I was crashing, suddenly very tired.  So we left and were home shortly after 10PM. I needed to rest.  Gosh I never even got a sunset shot.  Hope you are having a good week.


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6 Responses to “Tuesday passed in a flash”

  1. George Yates says:

    A nice day you had puttering around and to enjoy Johnny O if only for one set.

  2. Deb says:

    Some is better than none. Glad you enjoyed your day!!

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