Dec 09, 2019

Our weekend

I had moved inside Friday because of the bugs but Colin headed out to entertain our neighbours. The majority of the RV park had already headed into Mazatlan to attend Art Walk or to just go out for dinner.  I might have to look into getting some of those PJ’s.

Saturday was a quiet resting time for me which meant icing my knee and reading.  Colin of course did what he does best, he played one or more of his five guitars 😉

Saturday sunset marked the time for us to head into Mazatlan with Pierre, Diana and their guest David.

Our first stop was to pick up some tickets for the Sunday symphony concerts in  January at the Angela Peralta Theater box office.  The exterior area is nicely decorated for family holiday photos.

The Christmas lighting ceremony was Friday  but we decided to come Saturday to check it all out.

The kiosk.

Interesting lighting.

The Christmas decorations and lighting have definitely changed over the past few years.  In my eye it has been much more elaborate, exciting and Christmassy in past years.  However any display of Christmas lights is always fun.

We enjoyed dinner at Gaia.  That is my favourite band, Los Cryps toward mid centre.

I really wanted to dance. But I was tethered to my seat.

Despite not being able to dance it was a fun evening.

The guys beat out the music with their hands on the table.

Sunday was a quiet day followed by a quite lovely sunset.





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8 Responses to “Our weekend”

  1. Cindy says:

    The decorations look lovely as usual…love the sunsets from there! Hope your getting better!

  2. Beautiful decorations in the city – but the last shot could be an advertisement for spending winters in your park. Absolutely beautiful

  3. Linda Sand says:

    I love the idea of pajamas as mosquito repellant. I wonder if that would work here in Minnesota?

    Rest and ice–keep it up, please, we want you to heal.

  4. George Yates says:

    You are making the best of what you are dealt with there enjoy what you can !.

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