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Dec 08, 2019

We have leaf cutter ants!

Since we have been sprayed we have seen no ants but of course that can change any night.  We plan to check on a nightly basis. Needless to say that I have decided to not replace my plants at this time.  But it is driving me nuts to see blank areas with no plants 🙁 […]


Dec 06, 2019

Just another long day…

… of trying to get better.  Lots of icing, ibuprofen, mini self massages and stretch exercises.    


Dec 05, 2019

Got some RV repairs done

Click here for more details about these batteries.  


Dec 04, 2019

A bit of progress

I am no longer yelping out loud with each step.  I now only groaning about every five steps. Exercise and icing are helping along with using Voltaren.  Sadly I had a ticket to join several others tomorrow for a fashion show but I can’t go.  I just don’t have the confidence to keep my balance […]


Dec 03, 2019

Massage Monday

Thank goodness I had Sophia booked to come in yesterday morning.  My right knee began to bother me on our beach walk Sunday.  By Monday morning I needed a cane to walk even just a few steps. Quite painful.  Fortunately we had my trusty cane in the RV, the one I used with both hip […]


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