Nov 29, 2019

Finally, massage day!

Monday is our day but it was delayed to Wednesday. This is Colin on the table. He is in much better shape that I am. Our rear ender did a number on my back and shoulders.  Ouch! Monday is just around the corner.  I really need that second massage.

Both the kale and Swiss chard have geminated. They were planted Saturday.

My plants along the west wall are already happy and showing some blooms.

All these shrimpers plus dozens more had come in because of the coming storm.

We discovered that ants have been eating the leaves on this plant.

My portulaca seeds from a package. I also have seeds from my portulaca plant at home but have yet to plant them.

We spent late Wednesday afternoon moving things and lifting items out of the way of the wind and coming rain storm.  Many items were  put into the truck of the car.

Happy hour over at Jose and Pat’s.  Colin’s grand entrance wearing pajamas.

We had received an email from Marjorie that the noseeums were bad and to come prepared.  So while I stayed with the RV mid radiator repair in Tucson Colin headed out to Walmart to pick up a pair of PJ’s to wear to happy hour as well as four cans of bug spray with Deet. Pierre has been wearing PJ’s for two years now and is not getting bit.

It certainly added to the fun in happy hour.

The very large Norwegian Joy heading out.

A unique sunset. The clouds were thick and as you now know the rain started at 1AM.

I have read many reports and it appears that a 1991 rain record was beat in Mazatlan yesterday.  Some say 8.8 inches in twelve hours.  We can attest to that.  Others say 11.5 but I wonder if that is for the entire month of November.  Regardless it was a huge amount of rain. Click here for a stunning view of the damage.  Apparently in 3 or 4 districts flooding went right up to the second story of the home or business.  If you are interested the Facebook page for

Wuzhappnin in Mazatlán

has many photos of what happened.  Here are some photos including cars that were underwater.  The water will recede within 24 hours but the mud and dirt remain much longer.

Stayed tuned for the next update.  We are no longer under water.



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4 Responses to “Finally, massage day!”

  1. Maxx Trails says:

    Well I have never heard of pajamas as a defense to bugs, but it does sound like a very comfy way to spend happy hour 🙂

  2. Deb says:

    I’ve never heard of PJ’s being a bug deterrent but hey if it works. Is it a certain colour or is it just the material do you think?
    Very handsome in your PJ’s Colin. I’m sure you and your friend took some good natured ribbing. The smile on the faces, including yours, says you had a great time.

    • contessa says:

      It is just that they don’t usually bite through clothing. However they can. Colin had a great time. Pierre and he are buddies and Pierre has been wearing his PJ’s for two winters now as he gets badly bitten. He had no idea that Colin was going to do this, nor did anyone else as you can see. It certainly added to the happy hour.

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