Nov 28, 2019

What we did Tuesday plus a dramatic change in the weather

We woke up to about 5 minutes of rain at 6AM and rushed to close windows and vents but it was soon over.  However I heard from someone over in Las Jaibas and in Playa Sur that they had more rain than that.  The day was humid and muggy.

Colin spent Tuesday morning changing out the dead strings of lights for new ones.

I worked with all the plants along the west wall.  They needed to be cut back, others removed along with some weeds.

The plant man showed up a day early and I got three lovely tall palms to plant and three hibiscus.  Colin planted the latter and we are waiting for Ismael to plant the palmas.  He also had brought his spray system as he was spraying the plants over at El Velero and offered to spray my sick plants at no charge 😎

We now have an ambulance on the Isla.  I have seen it used three times in the past week.  Nice to have it.  Generally they will take you to the embarcadero where a boat will be waiting to transport you to the Mazatlan side and another ambulance will be waiting to take you to hospital

Lots of beach activity Tuesday. This group had never been on a horse and a good deal of time was spent explaining things to them before the riders mounted up.

Despite the weather many enjoyed the beach.

Later in the afternoon as I sat reading I had a glare in my eye. Pretty neat. Just enough light coming through the clouds.  There was no sunset that night.

Just as it was getting dark Erik showed up to check out the area our new battery tray and batteries would go.  Erik is under the slide out. That is the new tray and two of the four batteries bottom right.  It is going to fit just perfectly.

Erik is also measuring how much battery cable he needs to attach the new ones.

I have no idea how many people I thought I was going to feed Tuesday night.

Fortunately we have a large electric frypan.  The stir fry was excellent, our first fresh shrimp of the season.  I know that George would have loved this meal.  With I could send you some.  Love leftovers.

There were three cruise ships in port Tuesday, we saw one come in and two go out quite late.  The noseuums were bad likely because of the humidity and no breeze and I was inside by 4PM.

We knew a storm was coming for Wednesday and for Thursday ( today – real time ).  Turns out that the rain only began at 1AM this morning (Thursday ) and it rained very heavily for twelve hours.  Then it rained off and on for another six hours, until about 7PM.  We got up at 1AM and closed vents and some windows and then up again at 3AM as the rain was coming thru the vents and ever so slightly open windows.  I had to turn the A/C on.  At 6:30 this morning I had drops of water falling inside from the A/C unit.  There was just too much humidity even inside.

Of course we were under water.  The waves were huge and coming right up to the fence netting.

Pretty sure we got well over the 2 inches that were forecasted.  We are in that dark red area to the right of La Paz with the black in the middle.   Quite the weather for all of the US as well.

Our friend Joyce who lives here year round says that this was the most intense rain storm of the entire rainy season. She is calling the roads here on the Isla, Mexican swimming pools.  Not easily navigated.

The RV site to our left.

Colin checking out our patio.

We had prepared for the storm Wednesday afternoon by taking down chairs and plastic tables, anything that could become a projectile in the wind.  We even moved some of the smaller plant pots to under the palapa.  Everything under the palapa was wet, the rain came in sideways with the wind.  Late this afternoon Colin had to go out and dump the water from some of my plant pots as they plants were drowning.

The street as viewed from Nancy & Randy’s apartment.  A true dirty Mexican swimming pool.  This is about three blocks from us.

Happy Thanksgiving to our US friends.  Sadly here in Mazatlan many of the specially prepared Thanksgiving dinners at restaurants  were cancelled due to flooding in the streets of the city. Schools were closed today, as well as musical events this evening.  This was a most serious storm.  Even the shrimpers come in to ride it out.

Click here to view Carol’s blog post about the storm and her dramatic photos at her RV Park in Mazatlan.

So we spent the day reading both online and a book for me and of course guitar playing for Colin.  Nothing else to do.  Much too wet to be outside.  Of course we lost the TV signal, too bad as we would have enjoyed watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. I imagine that it will take a few days to dry up and clean the patio yet again, reposition our things, etc and then perhaps we can begin to enjoy our normal Isla vacation.  We do have to pick up our laundry Saturday, hopefully the streets will be passable by then.

At 8:40PM it is still 96% humidity outside and 80% inside.

Any questions asked form my last blog post are always answered but you do have to go back to see my reply.



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  1. Doreen Lefler says:

    Your stirfry looks sister was telling me that her friend went to Mexico and she was told that preparation H is a good defence against noseuums it’s worth a try.

  2. Maxx Trails says:

    That stir fry sure looks good! That was a bad storm you had. We got drenched just as we arrived in Palm Desert and California has been hit with snow at higher elevations.

  3. Cindy says:

    Wow your stir fry looked amazing yummy! And holy crap the rain Mazatlan got! Yikes! Quite the storm for sure! Stay dry!

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