Nov 15, 2019

Well we thought it would be a good day

However by 11AM we had no dash air. It was only seven days ago that we had the dash air redone in Lake Havasu.  Obviously it did not work.

The temps in the back of the RV were 92F.  I refused to measure the heat in front with the sun coming though the big windshield.  My side of the coach was in full sun all day.  We did make it to our overnight destination at Pemex 3970 @ KM 75 which is 74KM north of Culiacan.  However we are both totally drained.

All I can say for today is to watch for unmarked topes, and there were many and to drive the speed limit and no more due to the road conditions.

We are up early and driving at 6:30AM re a rendezvous because of a mechanical issue.  I will be sure to do a full update re today with details by midday tomorrow.

I feel bad for those who are coming behind me tomorrow but I have to look after my heath issues first.

Thank you for following along.  It has finally cooled to 80F inside and I need to sleep.

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20 Responses to “Well we thought it would be a good day”

  1. Alan Brechin says:

    Well the issues continue but you are getting closer. One more half day of driving ( hopefully ) and you will be there. Wine tastes better when camped by the ocean!!! We are looking to the complete report once you catch your breath

  2. DAVID EVANS says:

    Whew!……Just think, only 2 more days and you can sit on the beach…..What an ordeal for sure, I’ve had issues on my trips, but none to match all you’ve endured on this trip…..
    Light at the end of the tunnel?’s a fantastic “C’s” sunset…

    • contessa says:

      You made me smile for the first time in days and days. Loved the lite at the end of the tunnel. Just wait that perfect sunset is coming. Hugs.

  3. You’ve had your share of problems this trip similar to our’s last year. The problem with traveling is that there is no way to know how reliable those repair shops are.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It’s about time.

    • contessa says:

      You are with Rick, it is our turn this year. I cringed last year reading each of your posts about the repairs you had to deal with.

  4. Deb says:

    It never rains but it pours. Sorry to hear of all your issues. Like Rick, I agree, it is hard to find the reliable shops while travelling and travelling on a schedule also makes things more difficult. However it may be best to remember that this too shall pass and things will get better. It is a blip in the graph and not life threatening, just costly and time consuming. Take care of yourselves first!!! Be safe!!!

  5. Janet says:

    We had trouble with our dash air…….the ground wire was loose on the motor

  6. Linda Sand says:

    You do what you need to do to take care of you; not us. We’ll be fine waiting for you to recover.

  7. Rod & Sylvia says:

    You are due for a break. Hope you get a chance to rest and recover soon.

  8. Linda and Russell says:

    All I can say is hang in there..
    almost to paradise!

  9. Paul Walker says:

    You and Colin overcome all obstacles! I know it is expensive, but your knowledge and experiences keep expanding into a whole new dimension. We love your Blog! We are so happy that things are settling down for you…

    All the very best!

    Paul and Jan

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