Nov 14, 2019

We finally made it to Mexico

Woke up at 6:30AM to 50.5F. Brr.  We were backing into the shop bay by 7:45 AM.  Hector, the mechanic who worked on the RV all day yesterday started rechecking what he did yesterday and retightened all the bolts, rechecked the hoses and then ran the engine for a while.  He even layed under the engine and radiator to check for leaks.  We were then moved out of the bay and the engine was power washed to clean all the oil off of it.

The bill was paid and we hooked up.  Accu – Trac went above and beyond.  They communicated with us every minute of the day.  We always knew the que pasa of it all.  The final bill including the cost of the radiator was $2053.31USD.  A very fair price and wonderful people.  Nice to have someone in the US who can do our work.  They can be reached at 520 574 8012.  David is the owner and Art is the manager.
We were driving at 9:40 and returned to Accu – Trac five minutes later.  An engine light came on that we had never seen before. Art checked it online on the Spartan website and it came up about water in the fuel.  After much discussion it turned out that the power washing was the likely culprit.  The sensor is in the fuel filter which is at the back of the engine which was the area that the engine had been power washed. Diving again at 10:00AM and all was well.

Such cute bus stops in Tucson.  The purple arm on the right looks like the cactus on the left.

Picked up our final fuel at the Pilot, exit 12 off of I19.  Cash is cheaper than credit but if you use the car pumps it is another .06cents less.  However we would not fit. Driving again at 11:30AM.  Everything seemed to be taking so much time.
We crossed the border at 11:40AM.  There were three border guards standing at the crossing for RVs as per the “More Golden Years” blog post but they totally ignored us even as we came to an almost stop, so we carried on.

Narrow road at the Mexican Customs just after the first toll, but if we can do it anyone can.

For the first time ever were not asked for our passports at the Mexican customs stop.  She only wanted the registration for both the RV and the Jeep.  She came into the RV and walked as far as the bedroom, turned around quickly and asked where we were traveling.  I almost blurted Mazatlan.  Always, always say San Carlos, which is not a lie as that is likely your first stop. I think as it is in the free zone, less questions are asked.  We were not questioned about alcohol nor did she ask to check our VIN number, yet another first. She did ask Colin to open the trunk of the Jeep and looked inside only a moment.  Were there less barely five minutes.

Silver bullets  as I call the round silver mini vibradores and then a large tope just at the end times 2 sets just before KM 21 and again three sets  just after KM 21.

VERY sharp drop-off to KM 21, if go turn in to the left closer to this sign, it is not as bad.

Steep drop off coming out of KM 21.  Colin was concerned about this one, but take it very slowly and at an angle and you will be fine.

We arrived at KM 21 t 12:10 and found huge line up.. Only one agent working.  There were 2 RV’s here.  One from Vancouver Island and another from Utah who happen to also be traveling to Tres Amigos RV Park.  Sadly neither of them were prepared in my opinion for what was ahead.  No knowledge of lack of RV Parks, the bypasses, Sim cards and more.  We were on a time line and I just could not stop and help. Finally driving again at 1:15PM.  Stopped for 10 minutes to get my Telcel working at the second Pemex and on we went. It was here that the brake buddy would beeped and then would not rest so Colin just disconnected it so that we could proceed.

First time in 22 years have we seen a line up like this.  But then we usually go through about 7:30AM.

I made egg salad sandwiches as we drove.  I had already calculated that we were likely to be arriving in the dark and we wanted to avoid that.  We normally drive about 55MPH but Colin speeded between 60 -63 MPH.  We can’t go faster than 65MPH towing the Jeep. However we did not want to arrive in the dark so we pushed it just a bit. Just before Hermosillo I became ill and as we drove I seemed to go into shock.  I was numb and rubbery all at the same time.  I really think that my body was reacting to the last few weeks of mishaps and breakdowns.  Now that I was back in Mexico I let go and my body reacted.
The Hermosillo bypass is very well marked and if you see the video and take a few notes you are good to go. There are some new huge brown signs telling you which way to go.  Very easy to navigate. You get back onto HWY 15 at KM 237.  Sadly our dash A/C was not very cold but it did help.  Perhaps we have a leak.  We will get Erik to check that.  We only have two more hot days to go?. The bypass toll is based on the number of axles you have so four was 250 pesos.  Worth every penny in our estimation.

The sun set behind the mountains about 5:30PM and then it got darker by the minute.

We were aiming for the Fletcha fuel station ( formerly Pemex ) at KM 140, the exit to San Carlos.  By the way, there was no signage for San Carlos.  The Fletcha  station was to the left and we should have taken the returno exit once we saw the station. Instead we carried on towards San Carlos before we could turn around.  By now it was 6:05PM and it was dark.  Not fun at all.  Finally got to the Fletcha ( thank goodness for Colins wonderful driving and faith in another returno).  We saw the RV form Utah fly past us on the way to C. Oregon, hope they are alright. This fuel station is gated and has a guard wearing trousers and a white shirt.  You have to write your name on the form, telephone number and email address and then he asked for a propina ( tip ).  Colin asked how much and he threw his arms in the air so we gave him 20 pesos ( the only bill that I had that wasn’t 100 pesos ) and he said more/mas.  So I found 20 pesos in change and he was happy.  We feel very safe here.

Parked for the night next to this happy driver.

Here we are for the night surrounded by semis but it isn’t so very loud.  So happy to be stopped and here in Mexico.
 It is 9:40PM and by working on this post I have relaxed and feel more like myself.  It has finally begun to cool down and is only 78F inside.  I think that we will sleep well. Guess what I’m making for dinner?  Cheese quesadillas of course 😀

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18 Responses to “We finally made it to Mexico”

  1. SandyM says:

    Good day over all. Traveling mercies the rest of the way to the Isla and then just enjoy each day.

    • contessa says:

      Yes good day overall. Hopefully it will continue. I really do need to get to the Isla to reconnect to nature and to my inner core.

  2. Gene Siesky says:

    I have followed your trips back and forth to Mexico for years. Your endurance is incredible. Both of you seem very resourceful. I guess it is the destination that keeps you going because the journey can’t be it.

    • contessa says:

      Oh Gene, I am feeling my age this year. Fortunately not every year is a problem mechanically. This one is bad. Let us see how the next four months flow.

  3. Kathryn Tycho says:

    Glad you finally made it! I always wonder how people who are so I’ll prepared make out. If those rigs can’t get space on the Isla Las Jaibas is wide open. Not many rigs and the wall is up so should be fine this year. Safe travels!

  4. Maxx Trails says:

    So glad you finally made it into Mexico. Safe travels.

  5. Carol says:

    glad you finally made it. drive safely enjoy rest of trip

  6. Yay, so glad you guys made it to Mexico!

  7. Don & Kathy McKelvay says:

    Well done, now to enjoy the next few months of your wonderful adventure.

  8. Lucy says:

    Hey…You guys are almost in the Isla, GOOD, it was about time ! Could bet that after all the mishaps with your vehicle, your isla-living will be extra sweet, enjoy! Saludos: Lucy.

  9. David Turner says:

    Dear Jewalls,

    I’m glad things are going well. It was a pleasure getting to meet you both. Stay safe and God Bless you.

    David and the crew at Accu-Trac

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